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Safeguard your construction Equipment with Sentry Keypad.

Construction Equipment theft costs contractors as much as $400 million each year, and less than 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered.* Don’t let your assets become part of the statistic. Protect your fleet from theft, untrained operators and damages with EquipmentShare’s Sentry Keypad, the new standard in equipment security.


Prevent theft with Sentry Keypad.

Sentry Keypad replaces universal keys to lock down machines and lock out thieves. Provide only trained operators with unique access codes to start machines. Plus, keep your fleet safe from unauthorized operators with remote lockdown action, and disable an authorized account from any browser, any time.

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Monitor fleet around-the-clock with EquipmentShare Track.

Sentry Keypad communicates with EquipmentShare Track telematics to alert you when there are multiple unauthorized access attempts, when an authorized user starts up a machine or when a successful lockdown is initiated. Stay informed of fleet operations and security on any internet-connected device with EquipmentShare Track.

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Start controlling access to all your equipment.

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