Access Codes keep assets locked down.

Equipment theft costs the construction industry hundreds of millions of dollars each year—but your assets don’t have to be part of that statistic. Track combines with the security of Sentry Keypad, allowing only certified employees to start up machines using their unique Access Code. Sounds like a much safer alternative to universal keys, don’t you think?

Start Taking Control
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No more stolen equipment.

Access Codes keep not only thieves from starting up your machines and towing them away, but also unauthorized employees from starting up a machine they can’t operate. And if necessary, you can disable an Access Code from any browser, anytime.

Reduce the chances of having your heavy equipment stolen while keeping untrained employees out of the cab, and avoid the expensive hassle of insurance claims and recovering stolen equipment. Sentry Keypad’s unique Access Codes give you more control over your mixed fleet and your bottom line.

Give access to the right person for the job.

Make it easy for your team, and only your team to gain access to your equipment. Control access to all of your assets - anytime, anywhere.

Add or change key codes directly on the Track app from any device. Simply log in to the app, update the code and give the right person the ability to get the job done.

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More features to help your operation.

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Small Tool Tracking

Stay organized and minimize losses. Monitor small tools across the jobsite.

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Driver Scorecards

Safety starts with responsible driving. Responsible driving starts with Track.

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E-Log/IFTA Reporting

Customizable alerts for violations or drivers nearing their limits.

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Equipment Usage Reports

Are you taking full advantage of every asset? With Track, you’ll know for sure.

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Set physical boundaries around equipment yards or jobsites.

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Maintenance Scheduling

Track makes it easy to maintain and service everything in your fleet.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Don’t get blindsided by breakdowns — fix problems before they happen.

Control access to all your equipment.

Start making better decisions for your business and take back control of your fleet.