Construction safety management tools for contractors.

With access control, GPS and geofencing capabilities and maintenance alerts, EquipmentShare Track helps you manage your construction sites with safety as a priority.

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Keep assets secure and safe with GPS tracking and Geofences.

Do more than track the location of your vehicles and machines: keep them where they’re supposed to be with Geofences. Set a Geofence around a jobsite or equipment lot and get an alert if machines move outside their Geofence.

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Prevent accidents, and protect your people.

EquipmentShare Track gives contractors the data they need to prevent accidents. Prevent uncertified employees from operating machines, and monitor driver behavior to ensure your safest workers are on the job. Use this data to show insurers you’re committed to safety and construction risk management.

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Control equipment access for max safety.

EquipmentShare’s Sentry Keypad locks down and secures equipment so only trained and authorized operators can use your assets. Construction site theft prevention is easy with unique access codes, which keep thieves off your machines and only qualified operators running them.

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Predict and prevent breakdowns to keep your fleet moving.

Track monitors your machine’s vitals so you can predict breakdowns and prevent them from slowing down (or harming) your team. Whether it’s wasted fuel from an idling machine or an engine on its last leg, Track records the data and serves it to you so you can prioritize construction safety at your jobsite.

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Stop dangerous driving habits.

Track monitors driver behavior and alerts you when drivers aren’t making safe choices on the road. Get notifications for dangerous behaviors such as speeding and making sharp turns. With Driver Scorecards, you can identify habitually unsafe drivers and train them up.

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Construction jobsite safety starts with Track.

Track’s smart jobsite technology keeps your mixed fleet safe from common jobsite hazards. Combat theft, keep your employees safe and help your team prioritize safety with EquipmentShare Track — the solution to your construction safety management software needs.

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