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Our Mission

To enable the construction industry with tools that unlock substantial increases to productivity. Together with our team and customers, we are building the future of construction.

We help contractors BUILD WITH CONTROL.

Our equipment and digital solutions empower contractors and construction professionals by improving efficiency, saving money and time, as well as enhancing visibility over all the verticals of construction: their assets, people and materials. Our technology was made by contractors, for contractors, and it has the muscle and the features that builders need to get the job done.

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Our Story

Jabbok and Willy Schlacks have been building businesses together since they were teenagers. Over the years, the brothers have formed construction, technology and general contracting companies, gaining first-hand experience in the construction industry. In 2015, they launched yet another business — this time, one that would make accessing and tracking construction equipment easier for contractors just like them. They called it EquipmentShare.

In 2014, the Schlacks won Startup Weekend Columbia after pitching an idea they came up with earlier in their careers, which consisted of creating a peer-to-peer marketplace where contractors could rent equipment from other contractors. But Willy and Jabbok soon realized that to increase asset utilization for contractors and the industry at large, they needed to first build a nationwide equipment distribution network and then create a technology system that captured utilization data from any and every machine. They wanted to change the way contractors manage their assets, people and materials, and to do that, they had to think bigger.

Since launching, EquipmentShare has grown to build an ecosystem of technology solutions that addresses all the verticals of construction — assets, people and materials. We’re tackling the challenges that modern contractors feel every day by digitizing their manual processes. We’ve grown from a small group of founding members to more than 4,800 employees, and we’re not stopping any time soon on our mission to change how construction gets work done.

picture of founders Jabbok and Willy Schlack.

It’s time for construction to build with control.

Construction is hard work, but our technology solutions can make it easier. For too long, our industry has experienced lags in productivity. EquipmentShare’s technology restores visibility to the aspects of everyday construction work that are difficult to track, manage and monitor, helping contractors achieve more at the jobsite, save money and time, and become more productive.

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Picture of founder Jabbok Schlack.
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Contractors don’t have clear visibility across their fleet or business operations. Your equipment assets, people, and materials are spread across numerous jobsites, facilities, cities, and states. You have to chase down the information you need to make business decisions, and that’s not efficient or effective.

Jabbok Schlacks

CEO, EquipmentShare

Picture of founder Willy Schlack.
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We knew technology could help solve this problem and ultimately restore productivity to contractors and construction companies that were used to working inefficiently because of a lack of visibility. Our vision was to build an ecosystem of solutions that addressed the equipment distribution and technology aspects of the industry’s pain points.

Willy Schlacks

President and Chief Product Officer, EquipmentShare

Our Technology

EquipmentShare’s digital solutions gather data in a central location to give contractors a single place to analyze and understand their business operations data. By providing contractors and fleet managers with digital and electronic ways to record, gather and monitor fleet utilization data, we save them hours typically spent manually collecting the same information, digesting it, and applying it to business decisions.

Award-Winning Fleet Management Technology

EquipmentShare was named the Fleet Management Innovation of the Year by the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Working at EquipmentShare is a calling. Our workplace culture is built on our values and the belief that every employee has something unique and valuable to bring to the table. We’re all curious problem-solvers who want to change how construction gets work done. EquipmentShare offers benefits, resources and fulfilling careers to help our team live life to the fullest, both on the job and at home.