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Finally. A Company That
Understands Contractors.

EquipmentShare is a company built by contractors,
for contractors. From equipment rental to technology, insurance to security, we know the challenges you’re facing. Because we’ve faced them too. And we’re in the solutions business. Everything we do is with one goal: to make your job (and your life) a little bit easier.

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Our Mission

Using technology and insanely good customer service, we solve contractors’ problems. We focus on the needs of our customers, actively engaging them to remain responsive to changing needs and exceed expectations.


Our Vision

EquipmentShare is driven by six principles that guide every aspect of our business:



Our company is only as extraordinary as the people who work here. We inspire all our employees to be their very best.



There is always a better solution. We find it by thinking outside the box and encouraging creativity.



Our customers depend on us. That’s why we provide only the highest quality services to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.



We’ve arrived and we’re here to stay. That’s a promise you can rely on.



If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. We believe life (and business) is about continuous growth and are constantly exploring new opportunities.



Lean, agile and effective, we deliver results.
If we start it, we’ll finish it.


Our Culture & Values

We live our values through everything we do. Integrity, respect, leadership, accountability – these aren’t just buzzwords for us. They’re who we are as a company. Our culture is defined by our values:


Customers First

We’re focused on the needs of our customers. Responsive to the market, we actively engage with potential clients every day. We want to understand their needs, so we can better serve them.



We solve emergencies immediately. We’re professionals who are continuously improving every aspect of our business, including software, vehicles, equipment, facilities and behavior.


Encouraging Curiosity

Insatiable inquisitiveness drives exploration and innovation. It’s what turns cutting-edge into the norm. We’re not people who ask “why?” We’re the people who ask “why not?”


Working Smarter

Hard work is a cornerstone of success, but even better is smart work. Proactive, instead of reactive, we anticipate change, push boundaries and actively engage disruptive forces.


A Sense of Ownership

Everyone in our company is responsible for our success. We inspire creativity, passion and optimism. Because we learn from our outcomes and are always searching for better solutions, we expect tomorrow to be even better than today.


Celebrating Accomplishments

We believe success should be recognized. We celebrate individual, team and company achievements frequently and spontaneously.

The EquipmentShare Story

It's 2014. Brothers Willy and Jabbok Schlacks are running a successful contracting business, but are growing increasingly frustrated with their options for equipment rental.

At that point, if they needed a specialized piece of equipment, they had two options: buy an expensive machine that may only be used a few times a year, or pay exorbitant rental fees every time they need it. 

They realized there had to be a better way.

Joining forces with Jeff Lowe, Matthew McDonald and Brad Siegler, EquipmentShare was born with the goal of making equipment ownership affordable. Adopting the sharing economy model used by companies like Airbnb, EquipmentShare was initially a platform for buying, renting and sharing equipment.

With a unique understanding of the problems contractors are facing, EquipmentShare soon branched out with other innovative solutions.

Track – the only telematics solution built specifically for construction and mixed fleets.

ES Cover – equipment insurance that ensures you always have the right amount of coverage.

Sentry Keypad – a security keypad offering real-time connectivity and unparalleled control.

And this is just the beginning.

EquipmentShare is constantly developing new ways to improve how contractors do business.