Industrial Forklift
Industrial Forklift 5,000 lbs, Propane

Industrial Forklift 5,000 lbs, Propane

Equipment Details:

Forklifts are irreplaceable for any industry that requires the transportation of materials using crates and pallets. Renting a propane forklift from EquipmentShare means you'll have access to a machine that is not only robust and precise but also environmentally friendly due to its clean-burning fuel.Their usefulness on industrial sites and shipping yards expands even further through the use of forklift attachments. A forklift with an attachment can swiftly and efficiently carry items that are otherwise unwieldy for transport, such as large rolls of paper. The ability to quickly replace propane tanks also ensures minimal downtime, enhancing productivity on industrial sites and shipping yards.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make HELI
Model Number CPYD25-KU1H
Weight (lbs) 9,195 lbs
Capacity 5,500 lbs
Lift Height (max) 15 ft
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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