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One Solution to gain visibility OVER your operations

Job, meet sight.

From telematics and hardware tech to monitor equipment health, software to optimize rental utilization, and mobile applications for team members to clock in and off on the spot – T3 is the only cloud-based operating system that brings together construction workflows and data from constantly moving elements in one place. T3 can integrate with existing software systems to digitize your manual processes, giving you full visibility over your work throughout the entire course of the project.

Save time and money

Benefits of T3 Connectivity

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Enhance Visibility

From start to finish, digitize, connect and track all three verticals of construction to gain visibility over day-to-day construction operations.

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Control Costs

Get paid for work you do and eliminate unnecessary costs (rental spend, service events and downtime, theft and misuse of assets, lost tools, safety issues).

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Increase Productivity

Streamline workflows and communication across teams, reduce bottlenecks, make the most of your labor and resources, and make proactive business decisions with ease.

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For All Assets

Digitize and connect processes, documents, reports and workflows to cloud technology to experience increased accuracy and accessibility across your operations.

Connect all Verticals

All Construction Components

From start to finish, T3 helps thousands of contractors of all shapes and sizes digitize, connect and track all three pillars of construction productivity (assets, people and materials) in one single, easy-to-use platform. Finally, a powerful robust all-in-one system to help you BUILD WITH CONTROL.

Fully Integrated Solution

T3 Apps

Pulling data from the field to your fingertips – our apps provide monitoring, insights and more.

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Advanced construction telematics that connect over the road and off highway as well as tools and machines. Here you can manage all of your rentals, regardless of provider.

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Time Tracking

Manage schedules and overtime, accurately bill for labor time, increase overall team productivity and restore visibility to your jobsite. Tie your team's time to tasks such as work orders and hauling equipment on the road.

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Meet ELD compliance while ensuring drivers are safe on the road through on-demand and accessible digital reports. Monitor and curb bad habits such as speeding.

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Create customized reports on utilization, job costs and more to make data-empowered decisions.

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Work Orders

Streamline service and communications  for your machines. Go digital to reduce diagnostic time and cut down on downtime. Get equipment back to work faster.

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Track your book of vendors and customers, and access their contact info, terms, contracts and more in one place. 

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Cost Capture

Track and record expenses from your mobile device. See previously submitted receipts and manage invoices for all your projects.

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Plan for jobs and proactively manage your inventory. Stay ahead of your customer's needs by streamlining intake and parts order workflows with a complete inventory view.


A Customer Success Story: Little Dixie Construction + T3

Cut your fuel costs. Reduce idle time. T3 can do it. Little Dixie Construction is a trusted customer and vocal advocate for EquipmentShare’s T3 technology.

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Connected Hardware that Works Around the Clock
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Streamline Efforts, Data and Communications

One Solution Means Fewer Silos

From time-tracking solutions to help manage your employees and their tasks, to a more simplified way to gain control and usage over your mixed fleet and prevent downtime, T3’s operating system replaces multiple systems and serves as the single data lake to streamline construction workflows. No more siloed data. No more guesswork to figure out where your assets are, who is working on them, or what condition they are in.

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Turn dozens of phone calls into one click.

Stop wasting time calling your staff or searching through papers to track down utilization hours. Use T3 on your mobile device or desktop to quickly and easily track hours.

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Locate a downed machine from your office in one place.

Save a trip to the jobsite and pull up your fleet location map on your desktop to locate a downed machine instead.

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Trade multiple software systems for one solution.

Monitor staff, generate invoices and reports, and track your entire mixed fleet with just one tool. Cut down on redundancies and resources by using T3 to manage your construction operations from start to finish.

Unearth data that drives decisions

Real-Time Dashboards

With just a few clicks, you can learn key insights about your fleet’s health, utilization, location and service status  — as well as your rental spend, fuel consumption, driver behavior and more.

Maintenance & Health Dashboards

Get real-time status on your fleet. See which assets are nearing scheduled maintenance intervals and the time remaining until service is needed. See how many of your assets currently have diagnostic codes, and see a summary of your fleet’s fuel status, battery health, DPF status and more.

  • Maintenance Report
  • Work Order Priority Report
  • Fleet Health Dashboard
Fleet management dashboard.

Fleet Utilization & Rental Management Dashboards

Gain insight into how efficiently your fleet is being used. View your fleet utilization percentage, runtime by asset type, asset utilization history and more. Get a summary of your rental fleet, including your overall spend, utilization and invoice history.

  • Alert Activity Reports
  • Asset Geofence Details and Summary
  • On Rent Dashboard
  • Asset Downtime Report
Analytics Fleet Utilization screen.

Compliance Dashboards

Our IFTA Mileage Report and E-Logs Driver Summary make compliance documentation easy. Whenever necessary, you can log into our platform and prepare reliable reports for the Department of Transportation to review.

  • Driver Scorecards
  • IFTA State-by-state Fuel and Mileage Summary
  • E-Logs Driver Summary
  • Speeding Report
E-Logs Drivers screen

People Management Dashboards

Review time, safety and job related data about your employees. Easily access real-time alerts to have visibility into when your operators are speeding, improperly using equipment, or exceeding allotted time on a project.

  • People Management Report
  • Time Tracking Report
  • E-Logs Driver Summary
  • Driver Scorecard
Analytics People Management Dashboard.

Safety and Security

Create dashboards to understand problem areas on the jobsite and on the road. See a full summary of the alerts that have been triggered for your fleet, including safety issues caught by our jobsite or dash cams, speeding reports on drivers behind the wheel, reports on assets exiting the geofence and when incorrect codes were attempted to unlock assets.

  • Speeding and Unsafe Driving Reports
  • Geofence Reports
  • Preventive Maintenance Reports
  • Reports by Jobsite showing PPE alerts
Geofence Dashboard
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Job, meet sight.

With one click and one system – get a birds-eye view of your entire operations, alerts that direct your attention to bottlenecks and safety/security issues, and reports to ensure your projects are on time and under budget.

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Low fuel alert - Asset 542230
Truck, Keene St., Columbia, Mo
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Dale clocked in at 7:15 a.m.
True Commercial Project, Sacramento, CA
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Engine failure - Work Order created
Bulldozer, Keene St., Columbia, MO
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Receipt captured
Lumber purchase. May 26, 2021
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Keypad Access denied
Error on Asset 32551 at 12:01 a.m., July 7, 2021
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All Equipment, All Vehicles and All Contractors

T3 Versatility

No matter the OEM, or make or model of your machine, T3 can be installed to connect and track your equipment (all rentals as well as owned), attachments, tools, on-road vehicles, trailers and more. T3 can also integrate with other APIs to give you a full picture of your fleet. T3 works for contractors of all sizes and all sectors within the industry.
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Streamline Hard Work

One Solution to Tackle Challenges

Benefits of 21st Century Maintenance Technology

Data-Driven Preventive Maintenance

Machine downtime and service events are some of the most expensive costs for contractors. That’s why we built T3 to accurately track each machine’s hours and miles and help you minimize unnecessary downtime. T3 can automatically create work orders for your team when machines are approaching usage thresholds, such as elapsed engine hours. Plus, whether you are an EquipmentShare rental customer or use T3 on your owned fleet, the system can automatically generate a work order when it detects an impending maintenance issue. EquipmentShare’s data scientists have built preventive maintenance models that predict when certain problems are on the horizon, allowing you to add proactivity to your preventive maintenance protocols.
Check out our Maintenance Advantages

The best rental management solution at your fingertips

Manage All Rentals

With T3 Fleet, you can manage your rentals from EquipmentShare as well as rented equipment from outside vendors all in one place.  You can view all your On-Rent or Reserved assets and sort by job site or purchase order.
Check out T3 Fleet
T3 Rental Dashboard
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I use T3 every day; I am in Wisconsin, and our equipment is in Texas and other states. From here in Wisconsin, I can see how many hours a machine has been running. I can make decisions just by looking at the tracking technology and utilization: If that machine hasn’t been operated in a few days, then we can off-rent that one.
Shawn Wildt
Purchasing Agent, Flash Trucking and South Texas Frac

Improve Utilization & Reduce Rental Spend

Lindamood Demolition’s Fleet Administrator Ronnie Pitts knows you shouldn’t rent equipment if you don’t have to. Instead, he does what any resourceful fleet administrator would do: He uses what he has.
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Just by studying my equipment utilization reports and monitoring asset GPS location, I was able to increase utilization across my fleet by 65 percent and cut my rental costs by 25 percent. It was a huge cost-savings tool.
Fleet Administrator, Lindamood Demolition
Eliminate the Universal Key

Eliminate the Universal Key. Control access.

Universal keys are commonplace in the construction industry, which can also lead to equipment theft and misuse. Bartley Stevenson, owner of Milam Excavating Corporation, is no stranger to these headaches.
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Before we were connected to T3, other contractors would frequently use our machines while we weren’t at the jobsite. Even if it was just for five or 10 minutes, I consider this theft because they were not paying for the hours, fuel and service. Not to mention, there were also safety concerns and injuries that could occur. It's a hidden cost in construction, and it’s why 100% of my company’s fleet is now connected to EquipmentShare’s ecosystem.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation
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One Solution to View Job Costing INformation

Accuracy and Transparency

When you know exactly how your team is spending its time, you can better understand how much your projects actually cost your company. This helps you improve the accuracy of your bids and timelines — and maximize your bottom line.
Check out People Management Dashboards
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I know some folks that have to use three systems to track work hours. T3 does it all in one system.
Little Dixie Construction, Columbia, MO

Empower your drivers. Increase safety..

Real-Time Notifications

E-Logs can send a notification to your driver’s mobile phone when they are approaching their daily driving limit. This helps your company avoid violations and fines — and helps keep your drivers safe.
Check out E-Logs
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At our company holiday parties, I tell my employees’ wives and husbands that I am doing my best to keep their loved ones safe. EquipmentShare helps me do that. Through solutions like keypads and E-Logs, I can ensure only the people with proper access and abilities can operate machines and vehicles. It continuously keeps you in compliance.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Contracting
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Dedicated to Constant Improvement

We continue to iterate on and upgrade our technology as well as release 30-40 new features every quarter. Dedicated to constant improvement, we do not make products in a vacuum but rather partner with our customers to develop next generation solutions for challenges of today and those in the future.

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US Map of EquipmenShare locations.
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Nationwide Reach

Our team of highly-trained installation technicians and mechanics are dedicated to getting your equipment connected or up and running if problems arise. With a national footprint, our team is in close proximity and can quickly respond to hardware issues or machine repairs. We work to ensure the data points from your assets, people and material are always communicating and fully functioning.

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