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If your machine isn’t moving, then it’s not making you money. We offer service and maintenance support at all of our rental yard locations to help you get — and keep — your machines up and running after a service event.

By using billions of machine diagnostic data points gathered by our tracking hardware, we predict service events and their causes to help you prevent breakdowns and costly downtime. T3, our operating system, is constantly monitoring your machines for symptoms that foreshadow maintenance problems. For example, it can notify you when your machine’s engine temperature, DEF status or fuel level is nearing a threshold that tends to cause similar machines to break down.

Unplanned downtime is a productivity-killer, and routine maintenance is crucial to achieving maximum uptime. So when it is time for service, our factory-trained technicians are ready to help. Request service on your rental machine or owned asset from your mobile device, our website or with a quick call to your rental account representative to get repaired and back to work.

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Service and Maintenance Features

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Factory-trained technicians

All of our service techs are factory trained, and we encourage them to continue their education through online training courses and factory visits. We also empower them with the latest diagnostic software. When you request service from EquipmentShare, our techs arrive with a full factory-certified set up and Diesel laptops that help them quickly diagnose and fix problems. There’s no time wasted traveling back to the shop for parts to repair your machine. For you, this means  better service and — most importantly — less downtime.

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Diagnose your service event remotely

From your mobile device, you can review work orders and machine data to diagnose the cause of a machine failure from anywhere. Save time and a trip to the jobsite with our fleet management technology.

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See your machine’s full maintenance history

View your machine’s lifetime maintenance history with T3 Fleet. Know when it’s been repaired, when it’s broken down and most importantly, why it’s failed to prevent similar events from happening. When it’s time for an upgrade, you can use the lifetime maintenance log to sell with confidence.

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Plan preventive maintenance

Develop a reliable preventive maintenance plan with the help of our fleet management technology. Get alerts when your machine is nearing a maintenance threshold and assign work orders from your desktop or mobile device to stay one step ahead of your service.

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Locate downed machines instantly

Use our GPS tracking technology to tell exactly where a downed machine is and immediately dispatch a service tech to resolve the issue.

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T3 Work Orders

Our T3 Work Orders solution streamlines and simplifies your fleet’s ongoing service needs into one centralized hub. Replace your paper-based processes with a digital maintenance experience that reduces your diagnostic time, speeds up your service, helps you avoid downtime and saves you money.

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Save money

Breakdowns are costly, but our technology enables preventive maintenance so you can avoid service events that eat at your budget. T3 technology tracks common service events that occur to specific machine models or classes, which helps EquipmentShare’s service team predict and prevent problems before they happen. Shorter diagnostic times and the power to locate downed machines within T3 Fleet means your team saves hours when addressing service events — and that translates to dollars.

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Servicing Both Your Rented and Owned Assets

“We work on big jobs in commercial construction for sometimes a year or more, and we’ve got our own equipment and our rental equipment on the job. If I have a problem with my own excavator, for instance, I can call up the Service team at EquipmentShare and ask them to help. They’ll send someone over to change the oil, fix what needs fixing. Normally, a rental company would say, ‘Why would I fix your own equipment when I could just rent you a machine?’ Not EquipmentShare. They get someone over to repair and service my own equipment so I can keep working.”

– Marek Sieczunski of Marex Solutions in San Antonio, Texas

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Fast Service, Even After Hours

“It was after hours when I broke the hydraulic line on my rental machine. I immediately called Mike to let him know. The next day, I showed up at 6:30 a.m. before we started work, and there was the excavator with its hydraulic line repaired. It was incredible! With the other guys, they would have been closed by the time I called, and the service team would’ve been unavailable, so I would have had to schedule the service in the morning, which would have been like pulling teeth. It would have cost me an entire day, at minimum. That was the most impressive thing about Mike and EquipmentShare: I broke the machine after hours, made one phone call, and the machine was ready to go the next morning. It saved me money and time.”

– Toby Martinez of Bexar Excavating in Texas

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Plan your fleet maintenance and predict breakdowns

See how T3 Fleet technology can help you minimize downtime and plan for routine service all from your mobile device.

How Our Predictive Maintenance Uses Data to Prevent Downtime