Mini Skid Steer
Ride-On Mini Skid Steer 800 - 1,100 Lbs ROC

Ride-On Mini Skid Steer 800 - 1,100 Lbs ROC

Equipment Details:

Skid steers are some of the most common choices for rented construction vehicles. This is thanks to their maneuverability, small size, and replaceable arm equipment. Ride-on mini skid steers sacrifice a modicum of power and haul volume in favor of more compact size and light, quick operation. Ride-on skid steers don’t have a cab. Instead, you stand on a platform and operate the machine from the back. These mini-skid steers have a capacity range of 800-1,100lbs. Renting a ride-on mini skid steer is an inexpensive and reasonable work solution if you want to tackle smaller projects at a faster pace.

Additional Specs

Model Number MT100 SK800A
Operating weight (lbs) 3,390 lbs N/A
Horsepower/gross power 24.8 N/A
Max Reach 23 in N/A
Operating Weight N/A 2,930 lbs
Max Lift Capacity (lbs) N/A 1,100 lbs
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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