Tracked Walk Behind Trencher

Tracked Walk Behind Trencher

Equipment Details:

Walk-behind trenchers are one of the few heavy-duty machines used by both professional contractors and amateur landscaping enthusiasts. This is partly because renting a tracked walk-behind trencher is easy and inexpensive. They are essential tools in irrigation, utilities, and plumbing work. Trenchers have tight maneuverability thanks to the use of compact tracks. Dig next to pre-existing structures such as fences and laid asphalt with no worry of accidental damage. With easy-to-operate controls and a deep digging reach, it is hard to go wrong when choosing to rent a tracked walk-behind trencher.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make TORO
Model Number TRX-250
Top Speed 2.4 mph
Weight (lbs) 1,200 lbs
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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