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Case Study: How EquipmentShare Helped Partners Ensure Smooth Pond Maintenance and Remediation

Explore how EquipmentShare provided timely and reliable pond maintenance and remediation solutions in Kentucky

June 27, 2024

A high-capacity pumping system with an intake pipe and a tethered floating suction head to manages a water storage pond.

Arkema Inc. in Calvert City, Kentucky, and the Robert Reed Power Plant in Robards, Kentucky, faced significant challenges with their pond maintenance and remediation needs. However, with EquipmentShare's timely and reliable solutions, both companies were able to overcome these obstacles.

Pond Maintenance at Arkema Inc.

Arkema’s production plant relies heavily on its process water storage pond for seamless operations in developing chemical products for the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. When rapid water level reduction and urgent maintenance were needed, EquipmentShare swiftly intervened. Initially employing three 6-inch diesel trash pumps with 60 feet of hose, EquipmentShare later transitioned to electric submersible pumps as an extended timeline of the work became apparent. This helped Arkema optimize the project's operational costs. Despite minor hurdles, EquipmentShare's dedicated service team ensured continuous pumping operations through on-site support and system fine-tuning. Since June 2023, the pumping system has functioned flawlessly, highlighting EquipmentShare's dedication to providing tailored and dependable solutions

Pond Remediation at Robert Reed Power Plant 

Meanwhile, at the Robert Reed Power Plant, NorthStar I&E needed a reliable partner for the remediation of the sediment-laden ponds that contained combustion residuals. NorthStar was disappointed in the selection, quality, and service response time of a previous pump supplier and they turned to EquipmentShare for solutions. EquipmentShare was able to provide and implement multiple 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diesel trash pumps, which satisfied NorthStar I&E’s dewatering needs during the remediation process. Through collaboration and responsive service, EquipmentShare solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in infrastructure enhancement projects.

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