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EquipmentShare Has Advanced Solutions to Prevent Spills and Handle Hazmat Cleanup

November 8, 2022

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Hazardous materials can be released by accident, fire or natural disaster, and they can cause serious damage to people, property and the environment. To minimize the risk, EquipmentShare rents and sells equipment that helps contractors keep their jobsites clean.

Here’s a list of items that can prevent spills or help with hazmat cleanup.

Spill Prevention at Jobsites

Double-Walled Fuel Tanks

Every tank EquipmentShare offers — from the relatively petite 550-gallon drum to the 20,000-gallon behemoth — is a container within a container. If the inner fuel cell leaks, it collects in the interstitial space between the walls rather than seeping into the ground.

Fluid-Management Devices

Each pump and generator EquipmentShare rents is outfitted with a no-spill oil extractor that takes the dirty work out of oil changes. 

Spill-Containment Berms

These flexible plastic mats go under fuel tanks, vehicles and machinery — anything that could leak. The edges fold up to create a swimming pool that contains any fluids.Hazmat Cleanup

Hazmat Cleanup at Construction Sites


When contaminated ground needs to be removed, excavators — which range in size from mini to large — can do the digging. 

Chemical-Resistant Pumps

Specifically designed for hazardous chemicals, these stainless steel or polyethylene pumps and hoses can handle highly acidic or alkaline fluids.

Filtration Vessels

Contaminated water can be pumped into these filters that trap oil, fuel or other pollutants and allow clean water to pass through.

Air Scrubbers

After water recedes in a flood, it can leave behind dangerous mold. Air scrubbers can remove airborne mold spores, and coupled with dehumidifiers, can make damp rooms dry and safe.

Gas Monitors

Also known as sniffers, gas monitors detect the presence of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and benzyne. 

Hazardous Waste Bags 

After containing a spill, the contaminated material has to be disposed of in a hazardous waste bag at an appropriate landfill.

EquipmentShare has the equipment, tools and supplies you need for your jobsite. Get started with your EquipmentShare rental today or visit the EquipmentShare shop

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