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Lil LeDay: From Rodeo To Rental Coordinator

May 3, 2022

Lil LeDay on a large piece of construction equipment

Working as a Rental Coordinator at the busy Beaumont, Texas rental location moving equipment around for customers is not Lil LeDay’s first rodeo. Literally. Lil grew up in rural Texas – the daughter of a pastor and farmer — and her extended family owned and operated a rodeo in a town called Cheek. Being outside, riding horses, camping with her wife and chihuahuas, hiking and helping out with the family rodeo are things Lil loves to do. However, that doesn’t mean Lil grew up wanting to be a full-time member of the LeDay Family Rodeo. She just wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to be.

“Growing up, I didn’t really have a dream job, I never had one thing in mind,” Lil said. “In my family, you either went to the military, police force or college, and I didn’t really want to do any of those. So I tried lots of jobs.”

Prior to becoming a rental coordinator for EquipmentShare, Lil drove trucks as a “hot shot.” Hot shot trucking involves hauling smaller, more time-sensitive loads within a specific timeframe, and usually to a single customer or location. It was during her time driving that she delivered a load to an EquipmentShare location and was recruited to join our team.

“I was starting to have physical problems, my knees were hurting, and that was a motivation to get out of the truck. I was looking for a change,” Lil said. “I was looking for a place that would allow me to grow and climb the ladder and EquipmentShare seemed perfect for me.”

Working as a Rental Coordinator at EquipmentShare

The rental coordinator is often the unsung hero of each EquipmentShare rental location. Lil loves a challenge and solving problems in her role on the team. She is also a master at multitasking, something her days helping the rodeo may have prepared her for.

“I am really good at multitasking, and that’s something you have to be able to do in this role,” Lil said. “If you aren't naturally a multitasker, you can learn to prioritize your time and tasks and that can really help you to be successful in this job.”

The rental coordinator is responsible for locating equipment for a customer and then working with dispatch to get the equipment delivered on time and in the right place.

“I approach finding and sourcing equipment for each customer as I’m going to make this happen because the customer is expecting it,” Lil said.  “That’s the motivation for me to find the equipment and get it to the customer. I always put it in the system, and if it’s in the system — the customer is expecting it. Once I find it and it’s assigned, I send it to dispatch and we get it out the door.”

Problem-solving also comes naturally for Lil. She believes that’s what makes her great at her job.

“For me, knowing my name is attached to a project makes me want to solve any problems that might come up for a customer,” Lil said. “I want to be known as someone who is trusted and competent. The more problems I get to the root of builds my reputation as someone who will get it done. When it all comes together after the problem is solved, that feeling is unbeatable and it’s a natural high for me. I love it.”

Some days being a rental coordinator at EquipmentShare could be compared with herding cattle or setting up the Rodeo, but it was the perfect career move for Lil.

EquipmentShare is always seeking curious problem solvers across the country for our more than 215+ locations. If you fit the bill and want to find your calling in a fulfilling career, learn more about Careers at EquipmentShare.

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