October 4, 2021

3 Ways T3 and Telematics Can Save You Time and Money

Time is Money. Our technology helps you save both. EquipmentShare Logo with vehicle in background.
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T3 — EquipmentShare’s operating system for construction — uses telematics to help you manage your team, track your fleet and unlock a deeper level of insight into your business. You can use our platform to improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency in a variety of ways. But at the most basic level, the core benefits of adopting T3 are simple: You will save time and money.

Here are three of several ways your company can leverage T3 to improve operations:

1. Find equipment faster with GPS tracking.

T3 can automatically track your equipment’s location in real time. All you need to do is log into T3 Fleet and pull up a map. From there, you can click on each piece of machinery to view its precise location, usage details, maintenance status and more. This accurate data can help you eliminate hours of unnecessary time and effort spent tracking down machines across jobsites and facilities. You’ll never need to drive from project to project searching for an asset that keeps getting moved around without your knowledge. GPS Tracking tells you exactly where everything is located, allowing you to make better, quicker fleet management decisions. Learn more about GPS Tracking.

2. Right-size your fleet with equipment usage reports.

T3 Analytics can show you exactly how you are utilizing — or not utilizing — each piece of your fleet. You can create reports that display every asset’s daily runtime, idle time and more to be delivered straight to your email inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. These utilization reports can help you allocate your owned fleet more effectively and identify when and where you should add or subtract rental assets from each jobsite. Ultimately, you can avoid excess rental costs and ensure you are maximizing every resource at your disposal. Learn more about T3 Analytics.

3. Reduce your downtime with maintenance alerts and work orders.

T3 uses telematics data to help you take a proactive approach to service and maintenance. Instead of relying on a calendar or waiting for a machine to break down, T3 alerts you when machines are nearing maintenance thresholds and automatically creates work orders for your service team when assets require attention. As a result, you avoid unexpected downtime, costly repairs and project delays. Learn more about Alerts and T3 Work Orders.

T3 offers these tools — and many more — to help you save time, save money, make informed business decisions and understand how your overall operations are running. Interested in seeing everything our platform has to offer? Learn about T3.

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