May 1, 2022

T3: Five Tools You Need For Asset Visibility

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Tech Talk

Often, the root of the problem when it comes to owning or renting construction equipment is not one catastrophic event, but several smaller ones that go unnoticed. If you really want to cut down spending and bump up productivity, you need to have visibility over your entire asset operation. Today’s technology makes that possible.

GPS & Geofencing

Tracking equipment, especially when they’re spread across multiple jobsites, can be a tough task. You can prevent loss, theft and misuse if you have a map overview of your entire fleet right on your desktop. With the use of geofences and GPS within T3 Fleet, you can keep an eye on your machines without even thinking about it. Set the parameters of your jobsite and receive alerts when machines move in or out of that boundary. Today, there are more than 252,280 active geofences drawn in T3.

Tool & Gear Tracking

Why keep baking thousands into your budget for tool replacement when you could just track them? Some contractors have to allocate up to $100,000 of their budget for small tool replacement. Though they might not be as pricey as a full piece of equipment, tools and attachments are easily overlooked on the jobsite. T3 Bluetooth tool trackers tell you where a tool is so you don’t have to waste time or money searching for it.

Utilization & Fuel Reports

Our trackers collect much more data than location. Information about nearly every aspect of your asset is transmitted to the T3 platform, where you can view all of it. T3 allows you to understand not only where your assets are, but how they are being used. Utilization reports in T3 show you how long your assets run each day, including idle times. You can also view how much fuel your assets are consuming each day. When you can identify assets that sit on the job all day, you can cut out unnecessary spending.

Vehicle Diagnostics & Streamlined Maintenance

One of the longest and most expensive setbacks you can experience on any jobsite is a breakdown. It could cost you weeks while your asset is under repairs, and that doesn’t account for the monetary cost of fixing it. Our T3 trackers monitor the health of your equipment at all times. You can set up alerts to ping you for things like low fuel and diagnostic codes. When you inevitably send in a machine for service, you can automatically turn those alerts into work orders. When you can see the health of your machine, you can identify maintenance issues before they snowball into a complete breakdown.

T3 Dash Cams

Anything can happen on the road, and it’s even harder to keep track of your vehicles and equipment when it’s in transit between jobsites. In 2020, commercial trucks were involved in 107,000 injurious accidents. Equipping your vehicles with trackers will give you insight into their location, but a dashboard camera would provide even further visibility. In the event of an incident on the road, you have video evidence of what happened. Our AI Dash Camera does more than just record: they can identify potentially dangerous behavior and alert them. If a driver checks their phone or looks away to change the radio, the camera will send visual and audio cues to tell the driver to focus, hopefully before it results in an accident.

Identifying the problem is the first step toward solving it. That’s exactly why having visibility over your assets – from tools to machines to vehicles – gives you the advantage: you can spot the problems other people miss. T3, the Operating System for Construction – is a holistic solution for any contractor to gain complete control and visibility over moving parts, whether that’s people, assets or equipment.

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