March 28, 2024

What’s It Like Working in Equipment Rental Sales? Find out From Kevin and Noah From EquipmentShare

A composite of Kevin Duncan and Noah King.

In the heavy equipment rental business, all kinds of personalities can succeed in sales positions. 

EquipmentShare territory account managers Kevin Duncan and Noah King are great examples of that. Duncan is a natural extrovert, while King is a little quieter until he gets to know someone. 

The one thing they have in common? They’re two of the top-performing territory account managers working in rental equipment sales at EquipmentShare.

New sales team members at EquipmentShare are given a mentor to help them learn the ropes if they don’t have prior experience in the heavy equipment rental industry. It’s part of what helps set them up for success. Jay Mitchell, vice president of sales for EquipmentShare, mentored both Duncan and King. Now, they mentor others.

“I wish there was a way to capture them, bottle them up and take them out into the field for weeks and show the new reps how it’s done,” Mitchell said. “They’re both great for different reasons. They’re both professional, and they both give it a full day and work hard. This company has a lot of great employees, but these two stand out a little more. The great thing about Noah and Kevin is they always give 100% of their attention to you. So if they call me with a problem, I know I need to give 100% to them.”

What Is the Role of Rental Equipment Sales Representatives in the Construction Industry?

The most essential part of being a territory account manager for EquipmentShare is solving problems for customers in the construction industry. Working for EquipmentShare, Duncan and King get to set their own schedules and they both rise early to help their customers. Even though salespeople are located in specific regions, they can add clients and customers from all over the country.

Duncan works out of the Shreveport, Louisiana, area and joined EquipmentShare in 2020. This isn’t his first sales job, nor is it his first time in the construction world. He holds a bachelor's degree in construction management and started working in the industry in sales.

“I like getting up every day and knowing I’m going to help some people out. We’re a service industry. We’re here to serve others and take problems off their plate,” Duncan said. “I’m an extension of my contractors, and I’m here to make their life easier, and hopefully they continue to rent from us because we support them in their goals.”

King is based in Midland, Texas, and is one of the youngest account managers at EquipmentShare. A valedictorian of his high school class, he had college scholarship offers but chose to go right to work after high school. He joined EquipmentShare at 19 years old in 2021.

What Can You Expect in Rental Equipment Sales?

“I love this job and the freedom that comes with it. I like to work. I’m a numbers guy, and I have goals I want to achieve,” King said. “I’m in bed early each night by 8:30 and up early each morning and out the door heading to my first jobsite. I’m never going to be the loudest or flashiest guy in the room, but I build relationships with my customers. I earn their trust, and people know that if they call me I will get them taken care of.”

EquipmentShare doesn’t put caps on the amount of money territory account managers can earn. Duncan and King are motivated by their sales and earning goals. Both are irreplaceable to Mitchell.

“I love hiring inexperienced people — I’ll take experienced people for sure — but I love new people,” Mitchell said. “We can teach you if you are willing to learn. I like to think we don’t do sales here, we help build things. We help our customers build all around the country.”

Do you want to help build the future of construction? Become an EquipmentShare territory account manager and discover the freedom and autonomy you can have on the job.

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