August 19, 2022

EquipmentShare employees launch next chapters of their career

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Pastor. Plumber. Postgraduate Student. At EquipmentShare, our diverse workforce comes from many career backgrounds.

The path to EquipmentShare is by no means a straight line. Employees have found their way through these doors from a plethora of occupations… some that may surprise you. 

Building the future of construction takes all kinds of minds. The beauty of a People First company is the company truly appreciates the unique perspectives of its employees. And, with 3,500 staff at more than 120 locations, you can bet we’ve got some interesting perspectives. 

Former pastor finds a new pursuit with EquipmentShare

“I graduated college with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in engineering and theater,” said Clayton Kreisel, a software engineer. “Naturally, I went on to be a pastor for 11 years.”

Kreisel’s career path has been an unconventional one. He said that’s because he always chases his passions. 

“In my junior year of college, I got very involved in a faith group,” Kreisel said. “And I felt called to go into the ministry.”

During this time, Kreisel said he began to freelance and build websites for clients as a side gig. More than a decade later, Kreisel decided to reevaluate his career goals.

“As my wife and I really began to examine our lives, we decided that it was time to take a step back when it came to my involvement in ministry for a little while,” Kreisel said. 

As a result, Kreisel began a new chapter in his life by transitioning into a volunteer ministry position and a full-time web development job.  

A year into his career switch, Kreisel left his position to become a member of the e-Commerce team at EquipmentShare where he writes code and data models. He solves problems that relate to the technology and construction industries. 

“So far, I’ve learned a lot about construction, which I didn’t know much about coming in,” Kreisel said. “It definitely has its unique challenges, which is what makes programming fun.”

As someone who took an unconventional career path, Kreisel’s advice to others is simple:

“Find a project, take a chance and do it,” said Kreisel.

Former plumber fulfills a long-time passion in a new career at EquipmentShare

Ronnie Flores, a service technician at EquipmentShare’s branch in Keller, Texas, also went through a career switch when he began his job eight months ago. 

“I thought I would be a plumber for the rest of my life,” said Flores. “I didn’t think I would ever get burned out. But it just happened. I got tired of all the stress that came with it.”

After being a plumber for 30 years, Flores decided it was time for a change. 

“I thought I would take some time to get out of the field and try something new,” Flores said.

Although Flores closed one door, another opened for him when a close friend who is an EquipmentShare employee gave him the opportunity to start a job at the Keller, Texas branch. 

As a service technician, Flores now works as a mechanic for construction equipment by repairing and inspecting his branch’s fleet. Flores said his new role allows him to live a more stress-free life while using many of the same skills he developed in the plumbing industry.

“We use a lot of knowledge here that we used out in the plumbing field,” said Flores. 

Looking back on the career path Flores has paved, he said he’s grateful for the opportunity EquipmentShare has given him to pursue another interest of his.

“Before I became a plumber, I probably would have become a mechanic because I liked working on cars back in my younger days,” Flores said. “My career path has been a wonderful experience, that’s for sure.”

Helping students find where they fit at EquipmentShare

While some employees found their fit after switching careers, others are trying to figure out their first one. 

Gbenga Omotara, a robotics intern, started his graduate career with a plan to work in research. But he said his internship experience at EquipmentShare has opened new doors for him – ones he previously didn’t know existed.

“I’ve actually found that there’s a lot of use for what I’m researching for my degree at companies like EquipmentShare,” Omotara said. “I think I’d be a very good fit here.”

Before starting his internship, Omotara said his perception of EquipmentShare was drastically different from what it is now. 

“From an outsider’s perspective, I thought technology was a minor aspect of the company,” said Omotara. “But ever since coming here, I’ve realized that’s actually very, very contrary to what’s true.”

Omotara said the majority of the projects he has worked on during his internship have been centered around visual perception for robots. 

“It’s quite impressive what we’ve accomplished already,” Omotara said. “We’re pushing further beyond the current limits of autonomy.”

Another hands-on experience offered to students is EquipmentShare’s apprenticeship program. Students at community colleges and technical schools across the country have the opportunity to train at EquipmentShare branches while getting their education paid for. 

“We have partnered with schools and laid out a curriculum,” Kalynn Ramsey, apprenticeship program coordinator, said. “You have to take classes and complete on-the-job training.”

For students seeking an alternative to a four-year university, Ramsey said EquipmentShare’s apprenticeship program would give them the best of both worlds. 

“Yes, you have to go to school and receive related technical instruction,” Ramsey said. “But you don’t have to go four years or even two years. You just have to take the required courses and acquire the knowledge to do well on the job.” 

EquipmentShare also has a scholarship program called Leading Innovative Future Technicians (LIFT) being piloted at a community college in Florida. 

“We want the scholarships to go to women at that school,” said Ramsey. “We’re trying to diversify the field and get females into the workforce.”

Ramsey said encouraging more students to begin apprenticeship programs starts with breaking the stigma around not choosing to attend a four-year college, or not choosing to attend college at all. 

“A lot of schools drill it into your head that you have to go to college when that might not be your path,” said Ramsey. “And that’s okay. You can come train and work with us.”

At EquipmentShare, there’s always a place for you

No matter which field is currently a fit for you, the opportunities for personal growth and career mobility are endless at EquipmentShare. Diverse backgrounds make our workplaces stronger, and bring an array of knowledge and experience to our team. Whether you’re joining our team from trade school or switching careers after multiple decades, there’s a place for you at EquipmentShare. 

“I never went to engineering school,” Kreisel said. “The notion that you have to have a degree in order to have a certain career is false. Just going for it and finding an entry level position is a great way to learn.”

“There are really no limits to where you can move to,” Ramsey said. “EquipmentShare will help find where you feel you should be – to find your perfect calling.”

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