February 3, 2022

Bre Hylton Named January 2022 Core Employee


Bre Hylton is a “Jill” of all trades, supporting multiple teams within EquipmentShare and serving as a pipeline between engineering, marketing, training, sales and support. Bre has been an integral part of product releases and the production of training materials while supporting nearly every team within EquipmentShare. For her unwavering drive to assist her coworkers and bridge the gaps between teams, Bre Hylton has been named the January 2022 Core Employee Award winner.

Bre joined the EquipmentShare team in 2019 and has served as a remote business analyst in the Kansas City area. However, you would never know she wasn’t everywhere at all times. Joining teams across the company during meetings and assisting with multiple projects and publications–while also making product announcements on Slack—Bre is everywhere we need her to be.

She is beloved and appreciated by her co-workers, receiving several nominations for this award. Here’s what her teammates had to say about her.

“Bre will help anyone and everyone no matter the task,” Operations Training Manager Franco Vallabriga, said. “She is always coming up with creative suggestions with the Product Owners and users, and she has built the majority of T3 training documents.”

“Bre is integral to our product success,” Product Owner Pat Mohart, said. “She supports all of our product teams wearing multiple hats. When you need release notes, training videos, help documentation or analytics — she's your go-to. Bre makes EquipmentShare a better place and exemplifies what it means to be humble, honest, intelligent and driven.”

“Bre has bridged a gap between her team and the communications team that is invaluable to both our internal and external communications,” Cat Westhoff, Social Media Manager, said. “She explains concepts to us in a way that allows us to communicate to our employees and customer base. It’s been incredibly helpful to have her as such a strong resource when it comes to all things product and technology.”

Product Manager Angela Page relies on Bre as a valuable team member. “Bre is an advocate with huge impact,” Angela said. “She does this daily through her video and visual guides to highlight the engineering, design and product teams. She's also an advocate for teams outside her department — she broadcasts the amazing work being done by folks all across the organization and helps connect that work to our own so it has a greater impact. It's amazing that we are recognizing the person who spends her days recognizing other people!"

Her hard work, integrity and willingness to adapt help every member of our teams embody the core values of EquipmentShare and makes her the perfect candidate for the January 2022 Core Employee Award. Congratulations Bre, and thank you for everything you do!

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