May 18, 2021

This Core Employee Award Winner’s Work is Done Behind the Scenes but Makes a Big Impact


Here at EquipmentShare, our team is encouraged to take ownership of the work they do every day. Seeing a project through from start to finish takes focus, determination and dedication, and it also takes a level of humility that we seek out in all of our employees. When it came time to review our submissions for the February Core Employee Award winner, we were struck by this line in a nomination form: 

“He treats EquipmentShare as if he’s the CEO.”

An employee who regards his work as seriously as the CEO of our company would? That’s ownership on another level. This person had to be special. We read on:

“He's the most intellectually curious person I've ever met, and he also somehow is the most humble person I've ever met.”

Humility and drive are just two of our core values, but we had the sense that this nominated team member would prove to live out our other values — intelligence and integrity — as well. We were right, and that’s why Senior Software Engineer S.J. Browne is the winner of the February EquipmentShare Core Employee Award.

Working behind the scenes to solve problems

S.J. Browne is a senior software engineer at EquipmentShare and serves on the Service software team. As part of that team, he makes sure our service and maintenance technology solutions help customers plan and carry out their maintenance processes without a hitch.

S.J. Browne, senior software engineer

“S.J. is kind of behind the scenes,” Director of Service Troy Dodd says. “People don’t really know he’s there. Developers do a lot of the legwork [for our technology], and they never really get to meet the guys who are using [the technology]. We acknowledge what SJ is doing for us. We wouldn’t be where we are in our [maintenance system] without him.”

S.J. works on a variety of tools within EquipmentShare’s Service platform, including the Work Orders tool, which helps service technicians assign and complete maintenance work orders. Because service is such an important and crucial part of managing a fleet of equipment assets, SJ has to be ready to solve problems or fix bugs in our technology on a whim. His teammates say his flexibility and willingness to drop everything to find a solution are just two reasons why he’s a great example of an EquipmentShare Core Employee.

“Here's a guy who will prioritize whatever problem you have over his own, help you solve it, never make you feel anything but at ease for having brought it to him in the first place, and still finish everything he's working on with grace,” says Kean Mattingly, a teammate of S.J.’s. 

Regional Service Manager Shayne Tucker works closely with S.J. when problems arise.

“S.J. continuously helps employees solve issues no matter the time of day or night,” Tucker says. “He has been an integral part of the service platform, which continues to help all maintenance technicians properly complete their jobs everyday and also helps our company keep track of services due for over 48,000 pieces of equipment.”

That’s a tall order, but it shows how much the company relies on S.J.’s expertise to make it happen. 

“We as a company have saved an unimaginable amount of man hours [using our Service technology] as opposed to doing many things manually, like we did in the beginning,” Tucker continues. “S.J. is constantly thinking of ways to better us as a company and trying to find ways to make others’ lives easier, especially that of our customers.”

Leading with humility

His work is done behind the scenes, but it has a big impact on others and the company at large. Still, teammate and co-founder of EquipmentShare Brad Siegler says S.J. is incredibly humble. \“His work ethic is unbeatable, and he’s there to get the job done,” Brad says. “He’s laser-focused on solving problems and loves to collaborate, and he brings an unwavering level of optimism to every situation.”

“His work ethic is unbeatable, and he’s there to get the job done,” Brad says. “He’s laser-focused on solving problems and loves to collaborate, and he brings an unwavering level of optimism to every situation.”

S.J. is a problem solver, but to all who know him within the ranks of EquipmentShare, he’s also a team player, a humble leader, a friend and part of the reason why our service technology saves our customers time and effort. And because we use our very own service technology solutions to manage our own rental fleet, we’d be lost without teammates like S.J. We’re proud to have him on the EquipmentShare team. Congratulations on your Core Employee Award win, S.J.! 

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