December 8, 2022

Double Trouble: Recovering Two Tool Trailers in One Month

Double Trouble

Two trailers full of specialized tools. Two thefts. Two recoveries. Zero items missing. For T3, that equals one more satisfied customer.

Building Abatement Demolition Company is a Texas-based contractor specializing in asbestos abatement, mold remediation, demolition and historical renovation. With the need to carry specialized tools and safety equipment to every jobsite, the team relies on their own fleet of equipment trailers. But for far too long, their property kept disappearing. 

“They’ve been a client for seven months in total,” said Tony Vicchiarelli, T3 regional sales representative. “They came to us asking for an anti-theft solution. They didn't have anything in place, and they experienced a ton of theft prior to getting T3 implemented.” 

It didn’t take long for the company to see results. Shortly after having T3 technology installed, one of its trailers was stolen. T3’s stolen asset group was able to pinpoint the location of the trailer. Within 24 hours, it was back with the customer — not one tool missing. 

“This was a beautiful thing,” said Shannon Lujan, T3 implementation project coordinator. “They had just started getting our devices installed on their equipment.” 

But then, it happened again. Another of their trailers was stolen in less than a month, and another opportunity to show what T3 can do.

“I got a text from the customer that said, ‘Hey, my trailer has been stolen,’” Lujan said. “So I connected with our stolen asset group, reported his trailer stolen and they got to work on it.” 

“They were able to start tracking that asset just like a moving vehicle,” Vicchiarelli said. “You could actually see movement and usage of the trailer. So when that happened, they were able to dispatch the local authorities to recover the asset.”

For the second time in less than a month, T3 helped recover a trailer with all the tools still inside. 

“Now the customer knows when things are walking off the jobsite, when the ‘hot time’ is,” Vicchiarelli said. “And within T3, we've been able to help them set up geofences around their jobsites. So when that trailer does leave, they automatically get a text and an email.”

“When an asset is in recovery mode, that thing begins to sing like a canary,” Lujan said. “It’s giving us the location, so we are able to work with local law enforcement and recover the asset.”

Tool trailers like these can potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars when full. For small- and medium-size contractors, recoveries like these can be critical. 

“When a tool trailer gets stolen and it has a grading system for their excavators or there’s a scissor lift in that trailer, that hurts the bottom line much more than for a large company,” Vicchiarelli said. “Unfortunately, we've seen where contractors have lost enough equipment – that's the difference between them paying a light bill or having to shut the doors.” 

But with T3, contractors can monitor their assets and know where everything is and how it all works together. 

“It really doesn't matter what type of asset it is, we can put it into T3,” Vicchiarelli said. “It can encompass everything from powered equipment, non-powered equipment, small tools and your trailers and ancillary equipment.”

To see how T3 can help your company hold on to its assets — no matter the make or model — click here. T3 also comes equipped on every EquipmentShare rental. Get started with your next rental here

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