June 15, 2022

Driver Brady Stevens Gains a Whole New Life through Company Wellness Programs


Brady Stevens knew he was going to have a hard time keeping up with his 15-year-old daughter, Kiersten, on the golf course. And, if he didn’t break some bad habits, he was going to have a hard time keeping up with her in everyday life. In the last year, Brady has utilized the Wellable App provided by EquipmentShare to lose 100 pounds and gain a whole new life for himself and his family.

Brady has been a driver for 35 years and part of the EquipmentShare team in Charleston for the last three. Driving is the only thing Brady ever wanted to do. Why be chained to a desk when he could travel and work at the same time? Driving isn’t always conducive to a healthy lifestyle, though. Over the years, Brady found himself exhausted and overweight– until he decided to make a change.

Brady and his wife Carla

“I was tired and sluggish all the time before,” Brady said. “Everything seemed to require so much more effort because of the extra weight I was carrying around.”

The Wellable App, provided by EquipmentShare to all employees, gives challenges and resources for health and wellness. If participants reach a certain point value based on activity, daily challenges and nutrition, they can receive various awards of their choice. Brady chose to take his award in paid time off in order to spend more time with his daughter, wife Carla, and their three dogs.

Motivated by more paid time off work, Brady dove into the app and started completing the activities and challenges– losing more than 100 pounds in the process.

“My inspiration to get healthy was the realization that our daughter will be going to college soon and I want to be an active part of her life,” Brady said. “Getting healthy gives me the ability to spend time with her doing what she loves and staying connected with her. Now that I have energy and strength, she and I spend every weekend on a dad and daughter date outdoors playing golf.” 
Brady and his daughter Kiersten before he took control of his heath with help from the Wellable app.

Before taking charge of his health using tools provided by EquipmentShare, Brady was tired and dreaded being outside. Now, he finds himself craving time outdoors with his newfound energy.

“My favorite hobbies are golf, swimming, fishing and all sports, especially hockey,” Brady said. “We aren’t a television family so my wife is always kicking us outside now. Little things add up. Instead of using a cart while golfing, I grab my bag and walk 18 holes now.”

More exercise isn’t the only new habit Brady picked up. He’s now focusing on his nutrition and sleep to keep his overall wellness in check, too.

“I still have a lot of learning to do and the wellness app has taught me there is more to your health than just weight,” Brady said. “Sleep is a huge factor, as is picking the right foods and combatting stress. I love getting into a smaller shirt or a smaller pair of pants. My wife found a bathing suit I didn’t even know I still had and it fit again. That was really cool.”

Brady on the job in Charleston.

Brady said his new favorite foods include grilled chicken, vegetable kabobs and seafood.

“My favorite food used to be pasta, but I haven’t touched pasta in over 8 months,” Brady said.
Brady, a New Jersey native, with his father after his weight loss.

EquipmentShare is committed to empowering all team members with tools to achieve physical and mental wellness in their work and home lives. Across the country at more than 115 locations, team members are provided healthy meals and snacks along with a gym membership stipend.

“It sounds corny, but the wellness app was huge for me,” Brady said. “It really motivates you on days where you need some extra motivation. You notice that the days of less motivation become fewer and further between. Your health is what you make of it, but it is rare to have a company that truly wants to help you achieve your best health and reward you in the process!”

Brady isn’t finished chasing goals. Looking to the future, he wants to maintain his weight loss and continue eating healthy and nutritious foods that give him energy.

“At first, it was motivation to get off the couch and get on my treadmill, but now the most motivating goal going forward is going to be to beat my daughter at golf,” Brady said. “She keeps winning. But with more PTO, I can sneak off to the range when she is in school to practice!”

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