November 30, 2022

Driving Excellence: Q3 Award Winners

compilation of 7 winning driver photos

“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a 10th-rate executive” — B.C. Forbes

Each day, thousands of pieces of machinery and equipment are loaded onto EquipmentShare trucks and delivered to eager customers. EquipmentShare couldn’t be the nation's fastest-growing equipment rental and technology company without the drivers who deliver that equipment each day — on time, and most importantly — safely.

EquipmentShare is proud to announce the recipients of the inaugural Driving Excellence Awards – beginning with the third quarter of 2022. This award will be given once a quarter to one driver in each region who is nominated by general managers, district managers and regional managers.

To win the award, drivers must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Employed by EquipmentShare for at least one year
  • Accident-free
  • No Department of Transportation violations during roadside inspections
  • On-time delivery of at least 80% or greater

“Drivers are literally driving the success of this company,” CEO Jabbok Schlacks said. “Drivers aren’t thanked very often for what they do, but we wouldn’t be as successful without them, and we want them to know. This is our chance to recognize our best and safest drivers and truly put people and safety first.”

Rich Schlarb, Region 1: “It was my pleasure to nominate Rich. He has exemplary DOT inspections, helped train other drivers and knows the ins and outs of the trucking industry. His wisdom has also helped me learn about all the DOT requirements and regulations for the Bay Area and California. No tickets, no issues and being on top of everything — he was an easy nomination.” — Austin Nadeau, general manager

Rich Schlarb with EquipmentShare Vehicle
Rich Schlarb, Region 1

Ed Laliberte, Region 2: “Ed is always punctual, has a great attitude and has proven himself to be safe and efficient. Ed is always willing to go above and beyond and meets all the criteria to win this award.” — Thomas Ferguson, general manager

Ed Laliberte in front of tree
Ed Laliberte, Region 2

Tim Liner, Region 3: “Tim is an exemplary employee. He is hardworking no matter the hours or distance of his hauls. He always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to talk to and be around. He takes great care and pride in his equipment (haul truck and trailer) and is always a good representative of EquipmentShare. I’m very happy and proud of him for winning this award.” — Christopher Carroll, fleet manager, Southwest Region

Tim Liner at EquipmentShare Office
Tim Liner, Region 3

Chris McKinley, Region 4: “Chris stands out to myself and others due to his constant positive attitude and the way he conducts business. He holds himself to a high level of professionalism, and I would confidently put him in front of any customer. I have had zero complaints or issues arise from anyone regarding Chris. Chris is a driver who I can confidently trust in being a good steward of EquipmentShare’s time and equipment. He’s safe and reliable.” — Daniel Long, district manager

Chris McKinley in front of EquipmentShare truck
Chris McKinley, Region 4

Terry Craven, Region 5: “I can give Terry something to do, and he will do it and go above and beyond, and I truly appreciate it. This is truly a well-deserved award for Terry.” — Kyle Comeaux, fleet manager, Southeast Region 

Terry Craven in front of EquipmentShare truck
Terry Craven, Region 5

Rob Bray, Region 6: “Rob's years of experience have been a key part of the daily operations at the Camden location.  He always goes above and beyond to get the job done and help others at any time of the day. Coming in early to make a long delivery on time, always answering the call if an after-hours emergency arises and making extra runs to help dispatch for the following day. I'm glad he's a part of the EquipmentShare team." — Pete Sicoli, general manager

Rob Bray in front of Truck
Rob Bray, Region 6

Eric Touro, Region 7: “We nominated Eric because of his stellar Department of Transportation inspections and his impeccable safety record. Eric comes to work and he does a great job, and most of all he’s safe. We are so glad he was chosen for this award and that his hard work is being recognized.” — Dylan Bello, general manager

Eric Touro, Region 7
Eric Touro, Region 7

Do you have a great safety record and experience as a CDL delivery driver and want to learn about a better place to work? Find out more about Careers at EquipmentShare.

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