March 4, 2021

EquipmentShare Named 2020 Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year

Fleet Management Technology Company 2020

The days of managing a mixed fleet with multiple telematics systems are over.

EquipmentShare, the nationwide equipment and digital solutions company serving the construction industry, was recently named Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year by the 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology empowers mixed fleet managers and contractors with access to real-time fleet data from the road or jobsite. 

Veterans of the construction industry know that traditional telematics platforms don’t provide them with real-time access of utilization across a mixed fleet, and with a lack of information and insight comes a lack of productivity at the jobsite. EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology solves this problem for contractors and fleet managers alike. The robust technology offers features and tools to help contractors manage their assets, people and materials, all with just one solution. Gone are the days of using multiple telematics systems to monitor the functions of your mixed fleet. Now, contractors and fleet managers can do it all from one single platform with EquipmentShare’s technology.

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Safeguard and Protect Equipment, No Matter the OEM

Traditional telematics are OEM-specific. Managers of mixed fleet know this isn’t helpful when they’re trying to gain insight over holistic fleet function, overall maintenance planning or productivity across machines at a jobsite. That’s why EquipmentShare’s technology is OEM-agnostic: It runs on vehicles, equipment and machinery, regardless of brand or manufacturer. 

Fleet managers can track location, run time, idle time and engine health of not just their own machines, but also their rented machines. With this insight, they can evaluate job productivity levels across their multiple jobsites, see which machines are idling and which are being used — and even locate stolen assets from any internet-connected device.

Equipment theft is a prevalent issue for contractors today. EquipmentShare’s GPS tracking technology helps customers track, locate and even recover stolen equipment.

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Missouri-based Capital Construction uses EquipmentShare’s tracking hardware and fleet management solutions to monitor its fleet. In October 2020, Capital used the fleet tracking tool to trace the GPS journey of stolen equipment. Less than 24 hours later, the equipment was back at the yard.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything stolen and recovered in the same day,” Capital Shop Manager Aaron Miller said. “The tracking technology made it so my service team and EquipmentShare saved me $200,000.”

Contractors Can Accomplish More with Customizable Features and Tools

EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology offers customization and granular insight, so contractors can access the fleet data they care about — and filter out the information they don’t need. With hundreds (or thousands) of equipment assets, contractors don’t have time to sort through run time or operator history information for each machine. But with EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology’s capabilities, contractors can instead set up alerts, run reports on and easily share the data that’s pertinent to them.

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Tracking fleet utilization in real-time empowers contractors to identify idling machines and pinpoint which machines could be off-rented to save money. That’s the power of OEM-agnostic fleet management technology: it puts you back in control of your productivity and investment. The technology can be accessed from any internet-connected device, like a phone or tablet, to streamline fleet management on the go. This is especially impactful for construction professionals managing equipment or jobsites from a remote location.

“I use EquipmentShare’s technology every day; I am in Wisconsin, and our equipment is in Texas and other states,” EquipmentShare customer Shawn Wildt says. “From here in Wisconsin, I can see how many hours a machine has been running. I can make decisions just by looking at the tracking technology and utilization. If that machine hasn’t been operated in a few days, then we can off-rent that one.”

Wildt helps his team save money and improve project efficiency by monitoring machine utilization and engine health from afar. Wildt can even pinpoint which machine is causing problems on a jobsite — such as breaking down or having trouble starting.

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“I can see what the machine is working on, where it’s going and which facility it’s on from states away,” Wildt says.

An Ecosystem of Tools to Ease Construction's Pain Points

The AutoTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes the work EquipmentShare’s done to provide fleet managers with a tool to help them understand their fleet function and save time. But that’s just the beginning of the impact that EquipmentShare’s technology will have on the construction industry as a whole. Fleet management is only one part of the equation.

A contractor’s job includes tracking expenses, budgeting for a new project, working with drivers to record compliance and hourly logs, scheduling maintenance and tracking employee hours. Historically, all of this was done on pen or paper, or by using multiple systems and digital tools to record the data. But EquipmentShare offers an ecosystem of tech solutions to help contractors tackle all of these daily tasks and access important data in one central place.

This ecosystem features tools and solutions that digitize, modernize and revolutionize archaic processes and workflows to in turn make contractors more efficient and productive. By addressing every function of the built environment, EquipmentShare’s ecosystem of tech solutions both streamlines and simplifies employee, asset and material management for construction professionals in various construction verticals.

EquipmentShare is more than a rental company. It offers more than a fleet management solution. It offers contractors, builders, fleet managers and construction professionals a single solution for addressing the unique challenges they face at the jobsite, the back office and in the cab of the machine. That’s why EquipmentShare is where builders go for better. 

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