April 19, 2022

EquipmentShare’s T3 Technology Empowers Employees to Work With Control

Work Life

“There are two types of techs: The old school mechanic who is scared of tech and doesn’t like it, and the younger tech who only knows the computer,” Anthony DeVera said. “Fifty percent of this job will be on a laptop or phone. Out in the field, everything is online. Having access to the technology we have at EquipmentShare is going to bring in the new techs and mechanics. When you come here, you see the difference and how efficient a service shop can be.”

De Vera, a technician in Boise, Idaho, is a firm believer T3 technology is a game-changer for technicians and is a huge perk of working at EquipmentShare.  He might be new to the technology, but he’s already become a pro at using T3 and now teaches others how to use it. Mechanics are quickly catching on to the new technology that makes their job better and more efficient.

Anthony DeVera

Each week 35 to 55 new team members join EquipmentShare and find their calling at our people-first workplace that provides T3 technology, allowing them to work smarter. 

Part of being a “people-first” company means making sure your people have what they need and providing the tools for your team to do the job in the most efficient way possible. When EquipmentShare provides asset visibility for our customers, we also provide it for our employees, making their job safer, easier and more effective.

T3, the Operating System for Construction, consists of several apps to help manage the three verticals of the industry -- people, assets and materials. Those apps aren’t just for customers, though.

T3 Empowers Our Drivers

One of the biggest challenges for asset rental and service roles within a typical rental company is keeping track of the machines and their service needs. But with the T3 platform, our employees know where an asset is at all times, and equally as important, what’s going on with that machine.

AJ Honeycutt

“Our technology makes it easier for technicians, drivers and rental coordinators to do their job each day.” Troy Dodd, Director of Service, said. “We’ve got the tools to pinpoint where a machine is for our drivers and dispatchers and diagnostics to let us know the health of a machine to help our techs keep the machines running well.”

“The best part of the technology is the ability to track the equipment,” driver AJ Honeycutt said. “I’ve hauled equipment for competitors and 99 percent of the time you have to search for that equipment. T3 technology pinpoints and puts us right on top of the equipment so we don’t have to go searching."

"In the past, I have walked two miles looking for equipment — but never at EquipmentShare, thanks to T3.”

T3 Empowers Our Technicians

The health of the equipment is one of the most important factors for our technicians to be aware of. Knowing ahead of time what needs to be serviced on machines helps our people get the job done faster and service more equipment, keeping it out of the service bay and available for customers.

In order to reduce downtime on machines, T3 is able to monitor hours, fuel levels and inspection status — which is communicated to our service team. A common service call for field technicians would be a piece of diesel-powered equipment running out of DEF or fuel. With T3, an alert system notifies both the customer and EquipmentShare BEFORE the equipment runs out of fuel.

“With our T3 system, we can often eliminate lengthy service calls by being able to identify the health of the equipment and the nature of the potential service call through the platform,” Brett Saunders, National Director of Sales, Advanced Solutions, said. “At times, we can diagnose and solve the equipment issue without ever dispatching a technician, which reduces potential downtime for the customer and saves us a trip.”

Our technology also helps us determine which pieces of equipment are best for every customer. Live monitoring can ensure we have the correct equipment for the job. For example, T3 can monitor the kW percentage load of a generator to make sure the customer has the right generator for their job. Sometimes a customer may think they need a larger generator, however, our platform can show the current kW load and allow us to show the customer the appropriate piece of equipment they need for the job.

“We are no longer running blind,” Troy Dodd said. “We can see where every piece of equipment is and where it needs to be. This allows us to see if an asset needs an inspection, when and where an asset is returned, the time until the next service and how many hours are on the machines. Our competitors don’t have that.”

With T3 technology, EquipmentShare offers drivers, technicians and every occupation in between a better place to work. These capabilities also provide a safer environment for team members, reduced equipment downtime and a more efficient workplace overall. We’re a place where you work smarter, not harder. Find your calling at Equipmentshare by applying here

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