July 18, 2023

Fixing Equipment is a Family Affair for Wyoming Service Techs

Three brothers work as service techs at EquipmentShare branch in Casper, Wyoming

When Randy Gantt and his younger brothers Scott Ehrler and Brandon Ehrler were growing up in Wyoming, it was hard to keep them out of the garage. They tinkered with go-karts, four-wheelers and snowmobiles.

They have mostly pleasant memories of that do-it-yourself spirit, although there was the time Randy fell asleep on the couch while he was supposed to be keeping an eye on Brandon.

“He got into mischief in the garage and spray-painted a bunch of stuff,” Randy recalled. “I woke up about an hour before my parents got home and tried to clean it up, but it didn’t work. We laugh about it — now.”

Randy Gantt, Scott Ehrler and Brandon Ehrler

The brothers found a productive outlet for their mechanical impulses at EquipmentShare, where all three work as field technicians for the branch in Casper, Wyoming. 

“Scott started there about a month before I did, and he had nothing but good things to say,” Brandon said. “It was a great opportunity to get in with a company that’s growing fast.”

About a year later, the Casper branch was again looking for field techs. Scott and Brandon thought of Randy, who had been working in the Wyoming oil fields for more than a decade and wanted a job with more stable hours and good benefits. He joined the team in April 2023.

Although they all work for the same branch, they don’t rub elbows much on the job. Brandon lives on a ranch in Gillette, Wyoming, about 127 miles northeast of his brothers in Casper. Field techs spend most of their workdays on the road in their company trucks, servicing equipment on jobsites. The nature of Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces, means the brothers are often in different corners of the state.

“I like getting away and being on my own,” Scott said. “I don’t have to deal with the same people every single day. I like going out and fixing things by myself and being able to do my own thing.”

“I enjoy making the customer happy,” Brandon added. “It’s nice when you can get there and they’ve got something broken down and you can fix it onsite and get them going. The customers always really appreciate that, and you get good feedback. It makes things worth it.”

EquipmentShare service techs receive extensive training and have access to the latest diagnostic tools to stay up to date on all the machines the company rents and sells. But when the brothers run into a new problem they’re a little unsure about, their first calls are to each other. 

“They’re my go-tos,” Randy said. 

Outside of work, they get together as much as possible. They share common interests in hunting, fishing and working with their hands. 

“We do everything together,” Scott said. “My brothers are my best friends.” 

EquipmentShare is growing nationwide, and we’re looking for talented team members in all departments. Check out our job openings on LinkedIn or at equipmentshare.com/careers.

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