April 18, 2023

Found Files: Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler alert! Here’s how the story ends: The truck was recovered, the alleged thieves were arrested and everything was back where it needed to be — all before breakfast. 

For Customer Success Associate Mary Tittlemier, her client’s successful truck recovery is a testament to the power T3 gives to construction professionals. 

“Rob is so advanced in his knowledge of our system that he actually got on T3 Fleet himself and saw where it was going and knew exactly where to locate it,” Mary said.

Let’s take a step back.

Like many in the construction industry, Rob Brooks drives his work truck home every night. As the equipment manager for TAG Construction, he uses T3 every day to see where his fleet is deployed and how it is performing. So when he woke up one morning and didn’t see his work truck in the driveway, he knew exactly what to do.

“It looks like the truck was stolen at around 4:14 in the morning,” Mary said. “He went into T3 Fleet, found the trip and saw when it had left his house. He called the police, told them that he had the ability to track the truck and met the police at the place where it was. By 7:30, it was back in his driveway.

“The truck was 29 miles away. I did a trip analysis report out of T3 Analytics later, and we had the exact timestamp and map. It's basically like its own version of an Uber trip summary.”

Let’s take another step back.

When new clients sign up for T3, they get more than just some extra hardware and a username for a website. Customer success associates like Mary help T3 users get the most out of the platform and connect contractors to educational resources. From setting up real-time alerts and geofences to reviewing in-depth analytical information, the customer success team is there to make sure every contractor can use the full power of T3.

“We have trainers that train our customers on the different aspects of the T3 platform,” Mary said. “We are striving to make that personal connection with our clients. I’m thrilled that Rob couldn't wait to call me and tell me, ‘Hey, guess what I got done.’ It’s great to hear him praising T3 to not only his boss, but to the police department that we were able to make this all happen.” 

Let’s take one final step back. 

The T3 suite of apps lets you manage your assets, people and materials to build with control. Our OEM-agnostic hardware for machines, vehicles and implements connects with the T3 platform to give you easy access to vital information from your mobile device or computer. T3 was able to help Rob take control and get his truck back in one piece before it was damaged or scavenged for parts. Are you looking for more power and control over your fleet and construction jobsite? T3 can provide it. 

Here’s how your story with T3 begins: Click here to learn more and schedule a demo for yourself. 

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