April 5, 2023

Get Your Fleet in Shape for Busy Season Ahead

Mechanics working on construction equipment

When the weather warms in the spring, construction season gets back into full swing. To make sure your equipment is up to the task, it’s time for a thorough evaluation of your fleet.

“Fixing a small problem now can save you from having a big problem later,” said Troy Dodd, EquipmentShare’s director of service.

Here is a checklist that will help you get your fleet in shape for spring.

Complete inspection: Just as people should get an annual physical exam from a doctor, construction equipment needs a thorough once-over after another trip around the sun. This includes checking the battery, tires or tracks; looking for loose, cracked or missing parts; ensuring the safety equipment works properly; changing filters and fluids; and lubricating the moving parts.

The service department at your local EquipmentShare branch has factory-trained service technicians who know your machines and can spot potential problems.

“If we see a hydraulic leak, that could save you from blowing a hose and having an environmental cleanup on the jobsite and spending money to replace 40 gallons of hydraulic oil when we could have fixed it when it was a small leak,” Dodd said.

EquipmentShare also offers service kits with the parts you need to perform your own preventative maintenance.

Software updates: Your equipment’s operating system occasionally needs updates or security patches to function at its best and minimize downtime. EquipmentShare technicians can connect your machines to their Diesel laptops to diagnose problems. 

“We can plug it in and make sure diagnostic-wise it’s not showing any codes,” Dodd said. “If it is showing codes, any problems, we can correct those problems on the maintenance side.”

Oil analysis: Oil is the lifeblood of a diesel engine, and just like a blood test, an oil analysis can reveal clues about the overall health of the engine. EquipmentShare has partnered with an independent lab to offer oil analysis as an inexpensive service option.

“They can find how much copper, aluminum or silicate is in the engine,” Dodd said. “Silicate is the worst thing you can have in your engine. It’s dirt, grit. Once that dirt gets in your engine, it starts eating all the crank bearings, rod bearings, turbo bearings, all kinds of nasty stuff. It’s like sandpaper inside your engine. If you find that early on, then you can flush the whole engine out and take proper steps, and if you have a warranty claim for an engine problem, the manufacturer will want to see the oil analysis report. They want to see over a timespan what happened to the engine.”

Restock parts: During the busy season, you don’t want a machine sitting idle while you wait for a replacement part. Avoid that mistake by stocking up on commonly used parts.

“Bucket teeth, filters, switches, relays, cutting edges — all the stuff that wears out,” Dodd said.

EquipmentShare is offering a new perk for T3 customers that allows them to order parts, service kits and attachments at a 15% discount through the T3 Parts Program.

Upgrade: It’s nice to get to know your local EquipmentShare branch’s service technicians, but if they start to feel like a second family, it’s a sign your equipment is spending too much time in the shop. It might be time to consider replacing that old machine with a new one.

“Depending on the manufacturer, sometimes we can do 0% financing and put you in a new machine that’s not going to be down all the time and digging into your pocketbook for maintenance,” Dodd said.

Arrange for service of your heavy machinery at equipmentshare.com/service or connect with one of our authorized dealerships to check out new equipment for sale.