November 14, 2022

Got The Right Pump for Your Project?

Got The Right Pump for Your Project? We Can Help!

You’re not Goldilocks,  but getting things “just right” is critical on the jobsite.

When it comes to your rental equipment, maximizing your budget and uptime can be a real bear if you don’t have all the information you need. Is this piece of equipment big enough to handle the job? Is it too much for what I need? With the asset and fleet visibility features built into T3 from EquipmentShare, you’ll benefit from the latest technology to get the most from your rental fleet.

What is Asset Visibility?

Imagine knowing almost everything about the tools and equipment on your jobsite. From trucks and lifts to pumps and generators, how would you deploy your assets if you knew exactly how to get the most from them? T3 from EquipmentShare gives you all that data in a single place - location, utilization, fuel cost consumption, rental costs and more. That’s the power of asset visibility.

“…Visibility reduces downtime, creates a safer environment and ensures that the right equipment is being used in the right applications for overall better performance for the customer,” said Brett Saunders, EquipmentShare’s National Sales Director for Advanced Solutions.  

“We’re the only ones who can, in real time, give you that data,” said Tripp Brown, Regional Utilities Director for EquipmentShare.

Management Oversight

T3 can help you bring different projects on your jobsite together for a holistic view of equipment usage. With larger jobsites, individual project supervisors may request a mix of equipment that makes sense to them, but results in overall wasted spending on equipment.

“One manager may have ordered ten pieces, and their counterpart orders five, but fifteen total weren’t needed,” said Saunders. “Let’s just move equipment if you only need ten total.”

When you can see what equipment sits idle and what is used, you can redeploy your fleet across projects and return unused equipment. T3 allows you to connect equipment usage to specific projects and operators, so you’ll know precisely how everything is being used.

Knowledge is Money

Asset visibility can lead to surprising insights into how you utilize equipment, helping you to save money in ways you may never have considered. You pay attention to how you use fuel in your personal vehicle, but have you considered how you would use that information with a pump? A smaller pump might be less expensive to rent, but use more fuel over the life of the job and end up costing more than other alternatives. A larger pump might be more expensive to rent up front, but operate more efficiently on your jobsite and save you money overall.

With the asset visibility you get with T3, as well as the expertise that EquipmentShare has gathered over thousands of operational hours on your equipment, you’ll know which piece is the best fit for your job. You’ll also be able to make changes to your rental fleet based on your own actual experience.


T3 puts more information in your hands than just fuel consumption. Wouldn’t you want to know when your equipment is running above or below its maximum efficiency? Sensors onboard your T3-enabled assets can tell you how your equipment is running so you can act to avoid problems later. Here are two examples:

Generators: Many jobsite generators are oversized for the task. Bigger might seem better, but an oversized generator runs inefficiently, goes into regeneration more often and can develop DEF and fuel issues. All of this carries the risk of unplanned downtime.

“Generator downtime can equal idle staff and downtime in other areas,” said Saunders, “Your personnel are idle, or you have production shutdown.”

Your EquipmentShare representative can help you select the right generator for your jobsite, and you can use real-time data in your T3 dashboard to ensure you’ve made the right call – or swap out for something else if needed.

Pumps: Most pumps are moving water away from the jobsite, and the temptation is to run pumps too hard. But when a pump is running above peak efficiency, you risk damage to the pump and early pump failure.

“The data comes in when we look at efficiency,” said Brown. “Data coming in from sensors and horsepower consumption. The right pump for the job will consume optimal horsepower.”

T3 lets you know when your pump is working optimally, and your EquipmentShare representative can help you select a pump that will maximize fuel efficiency and uptime. In some cases, a larger pump running at a more optimal speed will work better and save you money on fuel. You can even use T3 to operate the pump within parameters you set.

“It can turn on the pump, monitor the level, and turn off the pump at the preset level,” said Brown.


The asset visibility features of EquipmentShare’s T3 platform go beyond your ability to see what’s going on. Your EquipmentShare team can also be alerted to problems and work with you to keep your jobsite running. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can schedule fuel and DEF refills when needed, as well as regular maintenance visits. But what if there’s an issue with the equipment that needs immediate attention? Share your equipment data with EquipmentShare’s service team and they’ll be able to run diagnostics and gather information in real time.

“With our T3 system, we can often eliminate timely service calls by being able to identify the health of the equipment and the nature of the potential service call through the platform,” said Saunders. “At times, we can diagnose and solve the equipment issue without ever dispatching a technician.”

The Future

EquipmentShare is creating the future of an intelligent and connected jobsite. With T3, you have all the information you need about your equipment in real-time from anywhere in the world, so you can maximize productivity. We’re working toward a future where we can go beyond real-time asset and fleet visibility and use predictive analytics to anticipate equipment problems and prevent downtime before there’s an alert. With T3 from EquipmentShare, you’ll always get the latest version and best-in-class capabilities.    

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