August 1, 2022

Harley Riding Grandpa Finds a Second Chance at Work-Life Balance with EquipmentShare


Joe McWilliams loves to climb on his 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited, crank some “Freebird” or “Bad to the Bone” – depending on his mood – and ride for hours at a time. Before coming to EquipmentShare in 2021, Joe wasn’t able to do that as much as he would’ve liked because he spent most of his time driving a truck. 

“I climbed in my first truck in 1976,” Joe said. “I was actually working at a plant and they needed someone else who could drive trucks to help load and unload, so I volunteered. I learned everything on the job.”

Many times, his love of driving kept him away from his family and hobbies. But not at EquipmentShare.

“Where I was before EquipmentShare, I’d come home on Friday night and my wife would ask what we were doing this weekend and I’d say I don’t know — the phone hasn’t rung yet,” Joe said. “The phone might ring at 8:00 that night and then I’d be working all weekend. It made for a lot of canceled plans and an unhappy wife.”

After the loss of his wife of 34 years in 2015 to a heart attack, Joe found love again and remarried in 2021. The father of three and grandfather of seven has different priorities now that he has a second chance.

“All the money in the world doesn’t do any good if I don’t have time to enjoy it with my family,” Joe said. “It’s not worth it if I can’t spend time with my wife and family. I’m not getting any younger.”

Joe on his fishing boat

Joe joined the Bayton, Texas, EquipmentShare team as a driver in 2021 and hasn’t looked back.

Joe not only loves what he does, he takes a great deal of pride in his truck and impeccable safety record.

“I treat it as my truck and I take care of it like I can’t afford to replace it,” Joe said. “My ultimate goal is to retire without hurting anyone or wrecking a truck. I don’t want to screw up — I want to do the right thing — I don’t need anything bad on my conscience.”

Joe has helped in training new drivers and always looks for the same things — the right skills, smarts and that they handle the truck safely.

“We don’t want someone playing superman going down the highway,” Joe said. “We want drivers to be safe, drive safe, load and secure safely. I love the challenge of getting it right and getting things from point A to point B. That’s what we need in new drivers.”

Joe has helped out at the Baytown branch in training new drivers and likes to help make sure they are good, safe drivers like he is. Passing down his knowledge to younger drivers is part of the fun for Joe.

“This company rewards us for hard work,” Joe said. “I won the trip to Cancun – all expenses paid – for my wife and me. Usually that doesn’t trickle down to drivers and the mechanics — those things are usually just for the sales guys, but my wife and I were speechless when I won that trip for doing my job.”

Joe is quick to point out each person at EquipmentShare is valued and each person is needed to be a successful company. 

“It takes every department to work,” Joe said. “If the truck drivers aren’t working — you have a problem. If the mechanics aren’t working — you have a problem. If sales aren’t working — you have a problem. It takes the entire company working together to make it work and be profitable. And it’s nice to be treated equally by EquipmentShare.”

Are you a safe and experienced driver looking for a better work-life balance? Find out more about how EquipmentShare puts people first and makes safety a top priority. Visit to find out more.

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