April 24, 2022

How Bluetooth Tags Can Save Contractors Thousands on the Jobsite

Tech Talk

Every fleet and project manager knows they’re most likely losing thousands of dollars in tools for every build. It might just be a worker accidentally taking a drill home or an operator incorrectly filing a report, but it still costs your company in the long run. Some contractors spend $100,000 or more to cover missing or lost tools. Even if you can recover a lost tool, it could take hours or even days to find it – that is if you ever do find it. 

“I would estimate that renters only return 70 percent of their tools. That doesn’t mean 30 percent is missing, it just didn’t make it back to us. Bluetooth tags help us recover the things that would normally be left behind and forgotten.” - Grant Reviere, EquipmentShare Regional Manager/Industrial Tools

Replacing your attachments, power tools or small equipment over and over again is not only costly, but exhausting. Luckily, you can mitigate that problem with one tiny yet mighty tech hardware, the T3 Bluetooth tag. 

How T3 Bluetooth Tags Work

To track your tools, EquipmentShare uses Bluetooth technology. Just like our telematics trackers, our Bluetooth tags easily screw on or stick to any tool or attachment, regardless of its size. You don’t have to worry about the tags distracting your employees or inhibiting their ability to work, since they are small and inconspicuous. In spite of their small size, they’re extremely durable. Heavy-duty work, harsh weather conditions or rough driving won’t knock them off.

The tags on your tools interact with the telematics trackers on your equipment to collect and transmit data to our T3 platform. If you own other Bluetooth-enabled tools from Milwaukee Tool or Dewalt, you can connect them to T3, as well.

In T3 Fleet, you have a bird’s eye view of all your assets, including your equipment, attachments and smaller tools. While on the jobsite, you can use your phone to scan the tag and instantly retrieve the data you need.

Why Your Jobsites Need Bluetooth Tags

The reason why our Bluetooth tags are so valuable is because they catch the data that would normally slip through the cracks. These little oversights seem insignificant in the moment to a human, but these tags record everything.

Recover Lost Equipment

When renters turn in their tools, we find that a considerable fraction don’t make it back to us. Typically, something isn’t returned because it’s overlooked or it’s stored in an unconventional place. Chain hoists, for example, are commonly left on jobsites because they’re suspended overhead. Bluetooth tags will help you remember them, so you can save time and money.

Prevent Microtheft

We all know theft is unfortunately common on jobsites, but something more pervasive is easily overlooked – microtheft. Tools and attachments change hands several times throughout the day. It’s easy for someone to accidentally bring a tool home and forget to bring it back. This problem will only be exacerbated if the tools are moving to multiple jobsites. Instances like this aren’t intended to be malicious, but a stolen tool is still a stolen tool. You can find missing assets from your desktop in T3 Fleet.

Manage Inventory

Tracking isn’t exclusively useful for safety and recovery. Many people use Bluetooth tags as a means of tracking their inventory in real-time. You can get an overview of all of your inventory in T3 Fleet, and you can check the status of a particular asset by scanning its Bluetooth. Plus, tracking inventory in T3 is easier and faster than trying to track inventory with paper records.

Improve Tool Utilization

Our Bluetooth tags can track more than just location. They can monitor the usage of certain kinds of assets, like drills or impact tools. You can see which tools are valuable and which are just costing you money. Plus, our tags can monitor the environment around them, so you can make sure your tools are in good condition.

With our Bluetooth tags, you can recover a substantial amount of lost tools and stop baking in lost tool amounts into your invoice. If you can recover an asset, you can easily find it by using the tag. If the tool isn’t recoverable, you can avoid fruitlessly searching for it. 

In order to save time and money on your jobsite, you need to have complete visibility. That includes everything - your machines, people and resources. With Bluetooth tags and T3, you can track just that – everything.

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