February 1, 2022

How to Winterize Your Worksite with EquipmentShare


As we head into the winter season, your fleet needs to be ready to continue operating even if freezing temperatures or inclement weather are forecasted. No matter where you live, the cold itself might prove to be a challenge for your fleet and your staff. Luckily, EquipmentShare has solutions to help you winterize your machines.

Rent the Tools You Need for Winter

Plenty of our equipment rentals are well-equipped for winter work. If you’re worried about your operators working in the freezing cold, for example, seek a machine with a climate-controlled cabin. If you plan on working in snowy, icy, or uneven terrain, a tracked machine can provide extra mobility on your jobsite.

If your winter projects include removing snow, machines like wheel loaders and track loaders are especially good for icy work. A track loader’s compact shape makes it ideal for moving through snow. Wheel loaders are also well suited for large-scale snow removal. Plus, both of these types of machines are road-safe. Our rental fleet is also powered by T3, which means you can always monitor your machine health and diagnostics to ensure it is ready to work. Check out our rentals

Buy Winterized Machinery

If you would like a more permanent addition to your fleet, you can also buy winterized machines. 

If you already own a machine and would like to use it for snow removal, our branches have a variety of attachments for the job. This includes snow pushers, snow blades, and buckets best suited for moving snow. To find out what options you have, reach out to your nearest EquipmentShare location for availability.

Prep Your Fleet for the Cold with Service

Whether you plan on using your machines every day or none at all during the winter, you shouldn’t neglect your fleet’s maintenance. Even if your machine is stored away for the winter, it is crucial that you drain the water and flush any holding tanks or tubes on your machine. That way, ice should not damage your machine. Our technicians can do this for you during any service call.

Machines that you plan to use throughout the winter should be prepared for below freezing temperatures. During any service call, our team can recharge your machine’s battery and replace any worn or damaged parts. To prevent your diesel from gelling, you can purchase Diesel 911 from us, or have our service team add it to your machines for you.

Use Technology to Winterize your Fleet

We also offer technology to help you stay on top of your fleet’s health and avoid downtime in the winter. With T3 Alerts, for example, you can closely monitor your machines and get real-time updates about low fuel levels, battery voltage, oil temperature and more. In the event of a breakdown, you can use T3 Work Orders to streamline your maintenance process, saving you extra costs and increasing your productivity.

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