June 19, 2022

Jesse Parham Finds His Calling Through EquipmentShare Intern Program


Jesse Parham didn’t have many grand dreams about what he wanted to be when he grew up, he just knew he wanted to be outdoors in nature and not stuck behind a desk all day.

Jesse joined the EquipmentShare team as an intern in Spring 2022 while finishing his business degree at the University of Missouri.

An internship at EquipmentShare can be anything from accounting to culinary and everything in between. Jesse chose the E-Commerce and Logistics team at HQ to get his foot in the door and potentially start his career with EquipmentShare.

“I’m the biggest cheerleader for EquipmentShare,” Jesse said. “My friends make fun of how much I love working here and how much I talk about it. This has been an amazing experience.”

Jesse’s role included working in the warehouse and photographing, processing and shipping telematics orders.

“I really learned a lot as an intern,” Jesse said. “I gained communication skills and learned to be specific and use my words effectively. I got to connect with people in almost every department and I believe everybody is the right person for something. I can learn from everyone.”

At EquipmentShare, internships are project-based — you won’t be fetching coffee and making copies. You get real-world experience with important projects happening within the company. Jesse was tasked with helping to establish the distribution center in Columbia, Mo. He did everything from building racks and shipping out products to photographing equipment and more. He got to experience many aspects of  getting a distribution center up and running.

Jesse took on a paid internship that offered him free, nutritious meals, generous compensation and a People First atmosphere like none other.

“During my internship, I was challenged to be a better listener and to learn from those around me,” Jesse said. “I came with an open mind and took in everything I could, talked to as many people as I could, and learned as much as I could!”

Jesse’s learning attitude landed him a full-time job as Parts Manager at the Billings, Montana, EquipmentShare location. Moving West and beginning his career as a college graduate and former intern has Jesse full of excitement.

“My dream job is probably fly fishing or being paid to be outside enjoying nature, but this is a good second choice,” Jesse said. “Moving from Missouri to Montana is going to be a great challenge, but I’ll get to work for a great company doing something I enjoy, and get to be outside enjoying all my hobbies in a great new place.”

“This company challenges you and you won’t be able to stay stagnant in one spot,” Jesse said. “I look forward to a long career with EquipmentShare and growing right alongside the company.”

Are you a team player who is ready to learn, think outside the box and deliver results? EquipmentShare is looking for you. We’re building relationships with colleges and universities to find the best to join our internship program. The next generation of construction pioneers will trail-blaze through internships, apprenticeships and military fellowships. To learn more about one of these programs visit equipmentshare.com/careers and find your calling today!

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