August 8, 2021

July Core Employee Cody Wallace


Ask anyone about Cody Wallace, and you’ll hear the same things: He’s positive, dedicated to the job, easy to talk to, a quick learner, a great mentor, personable, charming and hard-working.

In other words, he’s the best person for the job of teaching and supporting others. He’s also the perfect choice for EquipmentShare’s July’s Core Employee Award winner.

Cody Wallace serves as EquipmentShare’s head telematics trainer for our award-winning fleet management system and is usually on the road traveling to branches to train employees on the ins and outs of telematics.

“Cody is basically the face of the company from a telematics perspective,” said Karl Green, Telematics Installation Manager and Cody’s supervisor. “He is the first face employees see when they come on board, and he is who guides them through the orientation of the telematics system.”

Cody joined EquipmentShare in June 2019 as a shop technician and moved to the role of telematics installer later that year. He learned quickly and made the jump to telematics trainer in September 2020, where he has flourished. 

“Cody is easy to talk to, personable, relatable and an effective communicator,” Green said. “Training is his niche, and the secret to having an employee excel is to find that place where they are truly gifted and let them spread their wings. He has a gift for talking with people and is able to relay information in a way that makes it easy for people to grasp. He’s perfect for this job.”

Cody has made an impression on others around him as they echo his supervisor’s praise.

"As the telematics trainer, Cody spends weeks at a time away from his home,” co-worker Preston Kellum said. “His selfless contribution to Equipmentshare is unmatched. He is usually the first telematics person that any location meets. He never complains and always starts the day with a smile. His ability to train people and communicate makes him an irreplaceable asset to the telematics team.”

Cody is also known to take time out of his day to sit down and show front desk workers and service managers tips and tricks to make their branches run more smoothly. He is constantly working to improve anything he touches, and he will always make you smile and laugh.

Cody embodies the core values and culture of the company with his drive to learn, willingness to teach, and his ability to share with others. Congratulations, Cody, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to EquipmentShare!

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