June 23, 2022

June 2022 Core Employee Award Winner Brent Ruggles


 “If there's anybody who deserves a Core Employee award, it's Brent Ruggles. The man eats and sleeps EquipmentShare CORE values.” — Justin Hatton, Regional Telematics Manager.

Senior Engineer for Research and Development in Columbia, Brent Ruggles has a vocal cheering section campaigning for him at EquipmentShare. More than a dozen nominations for Core Employee all had the same themes. Brent is known as a hard worker with a great attitude and a calling to help people and solve problems. For his embodiment of our core values of drive, integrity, intelligence and humility, he has been named the June 2022 Core Employee award winner.

“Brent has the integrity to keep working on problems even when facing adversity… instead of giving up, he has the humility to admit when he may not know enough to completely solve the problem or communicate his point,” Les Burke, mechanical engineer, said. 

A major project Brent has been a part of cut down on the time needed to modify a machine, which helps us install our hardware on customer devices faster and saves them time.

“Through Brent’s guidance, we have increased efficiency at the shop,” Collin Bradley, wiring harness technician, said. “I can say Brent embodies the CORE values that we hold as a company and I hope that his hard work doesn't go unnoticed.”

“Brent is always helpful even when he's clearly busy with his day-to-day workload. He exceeds our expectations when developing production materials for the team and he’s very knowledgeable at his craft,” Tye Jasper, telematics specialist, said. “He’s also a great teacher and helps the team understand and learn in this ever-growing field of engineering.”

“Brent has worked tirelessly to support our telematic installers and customers.” Brian Adams, vice president of embedded systems, manufacturing and Q&A — and Brent’s supervisor, said. “Brent has also been a wonderful mentor to several interns by sharing his industry experience to contribute to their learning and training at EquipmentShare.”

Because of his tireless hard work and ingenuity, we are proud to announce Brent as the June 2022 Core Employee Award Winner. Congratulations, Brent! Thank you for everything you do.

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