November 16, 2022

Keeping An Eye On Driver Safety: A Conversation with Kris Dunn

Keeping An Eye On Driver Safety: A Conversation with Kris Dunn
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For commercial drivers and equipment haulers, there’s nothing more important than protecting the safety of everyone out on the road. There’s also the added dimension of protecting the company’s assets and reputation while avoiding undeserved liability claims. We spoke with Kris Dunn, senior director of T3 sales for EquipmentShare, to discuss how T3 Dash Cams are uniquely positioned to help drivers and companies do it all.

EquipmentShare: People seem to underestimate just how many safe drivers are in commercial fleets. They work hard, make their deliveries and maintain spotless safety records. So why would accident-free drivers want a T3 Dash Cam in their cabs?

Kris Dunn: You might be an excellent driver. You never drift around corners, you never run lights, never ever get into any accidents. But, what happens when something does occur? If you're in a company vehicle and somebody runs a stoplight and runs into you, all you have is your word against theirs. Imagine you have a company logo on the side of your vehicle. Who is going to win that battle?

EquipmentShare: It’s easy for the insurance company to just split the difference.

Kris Dunn: It's unknown how it might turn out. But if you have a camera on the dashboard that proves you were stopped, you went through when it was green for you and somebody ran into you, rather than it be your word against theirs, you have definitive video evidence proving you were not at fault.

EquipmentShare: But T3 Dash Cams go beyond just a camera focused on the road.

Kris Dunn: Absolutely. With the simultaneous driver-facing camera footage, you also have that video evidence to prove you didn't have your cell phone in your hand, you had your hands on the wheel and you were looking forward. When you don't have that available to you, you get back to your word versus theirs.

EquipmentShare: Driver-facing cameras might sound like Big Brother to some.

Kris Dunn: This is definitely not somebody sitting behind their computer screen all day watching you drive. This is truly a tool to equip you with the data you need to help prevent you from potentially losing your job. The system can be set up in such a way that your supervisors are being presented only the most relevant data possible. Maybe you've looked at your cell phone this many times, you've had that many harsh braking incidents or swerves. Obviously, those scenarios should be uploaded and readily available for a manager to view. But the power of this doesn't lie there. It's when your safety supervisor receives an alert that there was an impact and within 15 seconds of seeing the footage, they know you’re safe and you didn’t cause the accident. You were just caught in the middle of it.

EquipmentShare: And the driver can also get these notifications?

Kris Dunn: Yes, with in-cab audio cues. If the system detects the driver may be distracted, a voice can alert them they're distracted. If they're looking at their cell phone, it can say a cell phone is detected. It has the capacity to alert you based on posted speed limits. Not only are you being warned when things are unsafe, but if you miss that speed limit sign, you can be alerted.

EquipmentShare: So you can capture information about speeding -or- distracted driving -or- proximity to other vehicles?

Kris Dunn: For the driver, a great benefit of T3 Dash Cams is the ability to capture multiple events simultaneously. A great scenario would be when a supervisor is looking at an event where it says the driver drifted lanes. With another system, that's all they’d have access to. It would just say you drifted lanes – you must have been distracted, you must not be paying attention. And that would be the end of it. But as the driver, you know something more was going on. T3 Dash Cams have the capacity to capture that lane drift and your sudden braking when someone else unexpectedly slowed down in front of you while you're going 65 miles an hour. And that sudden lane drift notification was you quickly merging into the next lane to avoid a collision. So rather than your supervisor breathing down your back about a lane change, you're now being patted on the back for not rear-ending that vehicle. 

To find out more about T3 Dash Cams how your company can deploy them to protect drivers and assets, click here to schedule a demo.

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