May 16, 2019

EquipmentShare Expands with New Rental Locations

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EquipmentShare’s 2019 has been off to a strong start. We’re expanding rapidly: We now have 26 locations in 12 states! And we’re not slowing down any time soon.

We’re committed to providing contractors and construction professionals across the nation with construction technology solutions that help them get more done. More rental yards and more fleet enable EquipmentShare to reach more customers who are looking for better ways to rent equipment, track assets and use technology at the jobsite.

What’s even more exciting for EquipmentShare is our opportunity to be a part of the communities where we’re opening up new locations. Each time we open a location in a new market, we commit ourselves and our teams to helping that area grow and thrive.

In the first quarter of 2019, we grew our rental location base with locations in California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and South Carolina. Here’s a rundown of our locations opened in early 2019, plus a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Newark, California

EquipmentShare is headed west! We’re proud to have opened our newest West Coast location in Newark, located in the greater Bay Area of California.

California is known for its tech boom and Silicon Valley, and, unlike traditional equipment rental providers, we fit right in. We got started at Y Combinator (and we made #31 on their list of 100 highest-valued startups) around the corner in Mountain View, and we’re humbled to come full circle and open our 21st location here in the Bay Area.

Our mission is to create technology solutions that improve our customers’ work and lives — like many other Silicon Valley venture missions. Unlike many of those, we’re delivering top-quality rental equipment and a contractor-first fleet management telematics platform.

California is proud of their technology, and we are, too. Our Newark location is a natural fit for EquipmentShare, and our team, led by General Manager Derrick Torres, is leading the way for construction technology advancement in the greater Bay Area.

Connect with our Newark location staff online, or reach them by phone at (510) 400-5024.

Olive Branch/Memphis, Tennessee

Construction technology advancement isn’t exclusive to the West Coast. That’s why we’re bringing EquipmentShare to Tennessee! Our Olive Branch location is just across the Tennessee border and primarily serves the greater Memphis market. As Memphis focuses on improving infrastructure and revitalizing the area, EquipmentShare has an important role to play.

“There’s a resurgence in the local economy in Memphis,” Josh Ehlers, EquipmentShare's Midwest region operations manager, says. Ehlers helps guide and plan EquipmentShare's growth strategy throughout the Midwest.

“Not only do we want to help Memphis rebuild, renovate and revitalize its city, but we also want to partner with the local leaders in the industrial space, like Valero and BNSF," Ehlers says. "They help move goods all over the United States, and we want to help them keep things moving.”

Our team in Olive Branch is made up of locals, like our General Manager Josh Taber, who have a tremendous knowledge of the area and care deeply about their home state of Tennessee. It’s important that we entrust locals who are truly invested in bettering their communities through EquipmentShare’s success, Ehlers said.

“We want people who want to be a part of something that will last for 100 years,” Ehlers says.

Connect with our Olive Branch location staff online, or reach them by phone at (662) 352-8588.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa, Oklahoma equipment industry is thriving, and we’re proud to now be a part of it! Some major development and infrastructure construction activity is taking place in Oklahoma. Additionally, a bevy of heavy industrial plants and refineries are located throughout the state.

The cost of doing business in Tulsa is lower than costs in other metro areas, making the city a prime location for companies to migrate. With new industrial and manufacturing businesses cropping up and established companies relocating to Tulsa, there’s a growing need for EquipmentShare's platform of solutions. These companies can experience new and improved ways of doing business with our equipment rental services and technology platform.

“We’re filling a customer service need there,” Ehlers said. “We offer Tulsa companies and contractors new opportunities and tools to efficiently track and manage their fleets with our platform.”

EquipmentShare is excited to join the already-thriving market in Tulsa, but we’re even more excited to be able to offer Tulsa customers the solutions they’ve been wanting for years to come.

Connect with our Tulsa location staff online, or reach them by phone at (918) 921-1800.

Springdale, Arkansas

Smack dab in between the hometowns of Walmart and the University of Arkansas sits Springdale, Arkansas. With neighbors like this, it’s no surprise that our newest Midwest location is a hotbed for construction projects.

Springdale is a thriving city with large amounts of municipal and private construction activity, including a nature center and several infrastructure projects. Local leaders from Walmart, the nearby university and other local enterprises are driving the rapid growth of the Springdale area.

Our team in Springdale, led by General Manager Rusty Whitlock, is ready and motivated to continue driving Springdale’s growth in collaboration with EquipmentShare.

“Our mission in the Midwest is to bring our people, our passion and our purpose to new markets and provide the best service that can be had,” Ehlers said. “We want to be an asset to the community’s growth wherever we go.”

Our team is looking forward to being a part of the booming growth the Springdale area is experiencing.

Connect with our Springdale location staff online, or reach them by phone at (479) 316-2212.

On the horizon

We were serious when we said we were growing fast. In addition to the locations above, we’ve added an additional yard in Fort Worth, Texas, and soon, you’ll see new locations cropping up in South Carolina, Nebraska and Tennessee.

See all of our locations and use the map to find your local rental yard.


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