May 26, 2022

May 2022 Core Employee Award Winner Penny Spear


“You won’t meet a single person who hasn’t been impacted positively by knowing Penny,” said Kasey Anderson, Manager of Customer Success. 

Walk into the Kansas City EquipmentShare offices, and the first thing you see is the warm smiling face of T3 Business Operations Manager Penny Spear. Her hard work and unrelenting positive attitude have earned her the title of May 2022 Core Employee Award Winner.

“Penny Spear always goes above and beyond her job duties,” Kayla McAndrews, Technical Recruiter, said. “ As we grow and have more and more remote employees, Penny is always there to help our new employees and HR department to ensure that we get them onboarded and ready for their first day. Regardless of how last minute our requests are, she is always there to support our HR team.”

Several new hires are oriented through the Kansas City office, and Penny is known for jumping in and helping regardless of how busy she is. 

“Penny is the very epitome of a team player,” Katy Giroux, Onboarding Supervisor, said. “She always cheerfully lends a helping hand to anyone and everyone. She will pitch in where she’s needed and diligently works to get any task done.”

Penny’s positivity and can-do spirit extend to all of her colleagues in the Kansas City office, including the T3 management team. 

“Penny is always positive…she’s always welcoming, and she always has a smile - even on a ‘bad’ day,” Kris Dunn, Senior Director of Solution Sales, said. “The Kansas City Telematics office can attribute the majority of its success to Penny and her ability to keep up with everyone, get our teams out into the community to give back and bring the differing teams around Kansas City together for collaboration.”

“Penny is the first to greet us each and every morning with the warmest smile and ready-for-the-day energy we all need,” Kasey Anderson, Manager of Customer Success, said. “She deserves the Core Award because she is the complete embodiment of what ES stands for! She is kind, hard-working, dependable and supportive.” 

“Penny’s passion for her job and EquipmentShare keep us up and running with a welcoming smile and serving spirit.” Trish Williams, Customer Support Manager, said. “She is always going above and beyond her job duties to ensure our success by creating a warm, welcoming office culture and ensuring we have everything we need to excel in our daily operations. We are honored to recognize her excellent performance and professionalism, and look to her as the standard for what we should strive to be as a valued member of the team.”

Penny Spear embodies the very core values of EquipmentShare - a positive attitude, hard work, knowledge and drive. We’re proud to announce her as the May 2022 Core Employee Award Winner. Congratulations, Penny! Thank you for everything you do.

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