July 5, 2022

Miami Found Machine

T3 helps recover assets owned by EquipmentShare and two other companies

T3 takes back Takeuchi after being stolen in Miami

MIAMI – “Within 30 minutes of giving them all the information, the police department was heading to where the pinned location was,” Lorena Bonilla Valle, the general manager of the Miami EquipmentShare branch, said.

After receiving a call from a customer reporting a Takeuchi TL10 stolen, Bonilla Valle turned to T3. 

She immediately used EquipmentShare’s technology to ping the skid steer’s unit number and determine its location before sending the information to the local police department. 

Police tracked the skid steer’s location down to an abandoned area and used a helicopter to locate it in tall grass that wasn’t safe to navigate on foot. 

Bonilla Valle initiated the stolen equipment recovery process around 8:45 a.m. By 2 p.m., the skid steer was recovered. 

“That afternoon, I got a call back saying, ‘Hey, we recovered your unit along with two others that belong to the City of Miami and another rental company,’” Bonilla Valle said. 

After the three machines were recovered, Bonilla Valle got a call from the other rental company that got its lost machine back, as well.

“They called me and said, ‘What type of technology are you using?’” Bonilla Valle said. “They were so impressed.”

Bonilla Valle has been with EquipmentShare for just over a year, but has worked in the equipment rental industry for more than 20 years. She said EquipmentShare’s T3 technology is unmatched.

“I’ve worked at other rental companies, and there’s absolutely nothing like this,” Bonilla Valle said. “There’s no system that would have done that for us, that rapidness of finding it within hours.” 

Bonilla Valle said the quick recovery of the stolen skid steer was great news for her customer. 

“Having something be recovered within hours, he was completely grateful,” Bonilla Valle said. 

In the future, Bonilla Valle said she has no doubt her branch will be capable of successfully recovering another piece of stolen equipment – thanks to T3. 

“When it comes to T3-connected machines, I’m 100% confident that we’d recover it,” said Bonilla Valle.

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