December 7, 2022

Michael Hershman Learns about a Better Way to Work at EquipmentShare

photo of Michael Hershman and images of telematics equipment

If Michael Hershman had his way, he’d be installing the wiring for race cars in his garage. The next best thing? Installing telematics on machines and vehicles for EquipmentShare.

Michael and his family moved from South Florida to Texas in 2014.

“I’d never been to Texas, it sounded like fun, so I said why not? Let’s go,” Michael said. “The first job I found was at a warehouse, and I met a driver from EquipmentShare. He talked me into applying at EquipmentShare, and I’ve been here ever since.”

Michael joined EquipmentShare in 2019 as a branch telematics installer and was promoted to regional telematics installer – traveling a portion of the country to put T3 technology into vehicles and machines owned by EquipmentShare and customers. Telematics installers can go from installing T3 Dash Cams in the morning, to working with custom wiring harnesses and accessing controller area networks (CAN) in vehicles and equipment in the afternoon.

“What I do is problem solving — I do customer installations, troubleshooting current equipment, installing T3 Dash Cams, checking on our yards and making sure everything is in place and working correctly,” Michael said.

So how did Michael go from working in a warehouse stacking boxes to being one of EquipmentShare’s top telematics installers? He likes computers, he’s mechanically inclined — and he grew up in an auto shop.

“I grew up working around cars, but I thought I wanted to work in IT — I learned pretty quickly I didn't,” Michael said. “I’ve done lots of electrical work on cars, and I still like computers, so that translates over really well to telematics, and I like to learn new things. I don’t have a formal education, but I have a ton of real world experience.”

Michael took some time to get used to the culture and autonomy at EquipmentShare, but he’s thriving in it now.

“They let me do my job here. I like not having someone on top of me or micromanaging — go do your job and if you can’t do it, you shouldn’t have that job,” Michael said. “I get more done in a day now than any other job I’ve had because I’m not being micromanaged. I was also always in a cubicle or inside before, and now I’m out traveling to our yards and I don’t know if I could ever go back to a regular job. I’ve been able to see parts of the country while working that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.”

Michael also learned EquipmentShare will train you if you are willing to learn. EquipmentShare is always looking to hire great telematics installers, but more importantly, great people we can train to be telematics installers.

“We can train someone with no experience, but they need the willingness to learn and they need a great work ethic,” Michael said. “A mechanical or electrical background would be great, but we can teach you the rest. EquipmentShare does things differently — and that’s good.”

Equipment telematics is a system that is connected to a machine or vehicle through hardware and transmits data, such as vehicle diagnostic codes and GPS, to a computer. EquipmentShare's telematics system is called T3 and it is OEM-agnostic — meaning it works on all makes and models.

Installing our T3 technology comes naturally to several different backgrounds. Telematics is EquipmentShare’s T3 technology equipment which takes information that a machine provides and puts that information in front of fleet and service managers. Anyone with an installation or telecommunications background could learn about T3 installation. A history of HVAC, cable, telephone or internet installation could translate well into a T3 telematics installer career with EquipmentShare. 

Do you think you have what it takes to be a telematics installer? To find out more about our culture, training and unbelievable nationwide growth, visit Careers at EquipmentShare.

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