September 6, 2022

Nicaraguan Teacher Finds A New Calling as EquipmentShare Technician

Matt, a technician, in the service bay

“I work as if I’m the owner of the company. Start from below and work hard – that’s what you need to be successful.” Francisco Benitez, shop technician, EquipmentShare Denver.

Francisco Benitez came to the United States from Nicaragua in the 1980s – he was 23. In his home country, he was a trained physics and math teacher who also studied engineering. When he arrived in California, his education and teaching credentials weren’t valid and English was his second language. Francisco felt he needed to find a new line of work.

Francisco took his mechanical abilities and eagerness to Universal Technical Institute (UTI) where he graduated with a certificate in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in 1989. He worked a myriad of jobs including sales, shop mechanic, construction, customer service and running his own small business.

Francisco eventually left California and relocated to Denver. He applied to work at EquipmentShare in 2019 when he heard about the amazing People First culture and the technology being used in the shops.

Francisco Benitez in the snow

“I didn’t care what the job was, I wanted to work there,” Francisco said. “I wanted my foot in the door – I heard it was a great place to work and I wanted to be there.”

Francisco was hired as a yard technician, then became a CDL driver, and has now served as a shop technician since 2021. Once the shop supervisor learned of Francisco’s background in math and engineering, he was bumped into a mechanic role and has thrived. Sean Keenan, general manager of EquipmentShare Denver, has been pleased with Francisco’s growth within the company.

“Francisco is a great worker,” Shane said.  “He started as our machine wash and yard guy. He is such a hard worker, we moved him into the shop after seeing his work. He completes an above average amount of work orders and he keeps his shop very clean and sets the standard for our employees.”

As a technician at EquipmentShare, Francisco finds himself using his math and engineering skills from his teaching days. He enjoys the autonomy that comes with working at EquipmentShare to learn and do his job without someone constantly looking over his shoulder. He has a fondness for working on scissor lifts, but he’s eager to work on any machine he’s presented with.

“I use engineering skills each day,” Francisco said. “I passed many physics and mechanics classes and I get to put them into practice all the time. It’s gratifying to find a solution to a problem on a unit of work – I like finding answers. I am a nerd, this is why!”

T3, the operating system for construction, helps Francisco with his job and keeping things efficient. 

“T3 cuts down on wasted time,” Francisco said. “It helps me diagnose problems in machines, get it fixed and back out on the yard ready for rental. I like working here, I like learning and I get to be a part of a team.”

A father of three, Francisco enjoys the work life balance that allows him to spend time with family and pursue his hobbies of hunting and enjoying football games. He is still in pursuit of learning and tries to absorb as much knowledge as possible – and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His daughter is a teacher, and his son recently completed his PhD in psychology. When he talks about his children, you can see how much pride he has for them and how he believes they epitomize the American dream.

Francisco in front of stadium

“I was a teacher and my kids are very smart,” Francisco said. “I was their first teacher, so I get to brag about them and how smart they are.”

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