May 31, 2022

EquipmentShare Is Powering Tools for Safety on Every Jobsite

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EquipmentShare prides itself on being a People First workplace, which means safety has to be the top priority. Whether it’s on the road, on the jobsite or in the shop, safety tops every to-do list. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. When they do, are you able to accurately identify the causes? Can you record, track, and communicate how well your workers are following safety protocols? Can you spot unsafe conditions and prevent accidents before they happen?

At EquipmentShare, safety is a vital part of everything we do. That’s why we’ve integrated powerful safety tools into T3, the Operating System for Construction. We empower our customers to protect every worker by providing a way to document safe workplace behavior and methods to identify and correct deficiencies. 

Road Safety

When you have drivers on the road, your safety procedures are not just keeping your driver and load safe. You are also keeping the general public safe, and by extension, your reputation, as well. T3 gives you the tools and insights to make sure every driver makes it back safely.

Dash Cameras

dashcam on windshield

EquipmentShare’s cloud-connected smart dash cameras are powerful tools to promote safe driving. These cameras feature simultaneous road- and driver-facing video, so you can see everything the driver sees. They can also detect unsafe driving conditions, such as sudden braking, speeding and cell phone use. The cameras can also send an in-cab alert to the driver. Because they’re powered by T3, supervisors can receive an alert, as well as an automatically-generated video clip for review. You’ll know whether that sudden swerve was due to distraction or to avoid a hazard. Use the alerts and the T3 dashboard to develop better operator training, coach operators through violations and recognize operators for safe behavior.   


E-Logs Dashboard

T3 E-Logs is your hub for ELD compliance and safety. By putting eRODS, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), timecards and inspection tracking in a single place, you can more easily ensure your drivers are operating safe equipment in the proper manner.

Drowsy driving can have tragic consequences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates more than 90,000 drowsy driving crashes are reported to police every year - causing 50,000 injuries and almost 800 fatalities. With T3 E-Logs, your drivers can receive alerts when they are approaching their daily driving limit, and you’ll be able to track driving hours and break times. You can also quickly see all of your driver’s logs and create reports to track compliance and share with officials.

T3 E-Logs also helps you keep your fleet in safe operating condition. Drivers can create DVIRs and note vehicle defects and issues, which automatically creates a work order for your service team. You no longer have to worry  an identified safety concern will go unaddressed because of a communication breakdown. You’ll be able to review reports for compliance, and see that any defects are corrected before the vehicle is returned to service. 

Jobsite Safety

Keeping your workforce safe on the jobsite is no accident. You need to know the right people are in the right place, using tools and equipment properly. With T3 and EquipmentShare’s suite of safety products, you’ll be able to be smart about safety.

Cloud-Connected Keypads

Cloud-Connected Keypad

When an untrained operator uses equipment, it creates two safety hazards - one for themselves and one for those around them. Cloud-connected keypads allow you to limit equipment operation to specific authorized operators. Assign unique access codes to trained individuals, and use T3’s powerful reporting features to document usage by operator. You’ll ensure equipment is only available to trained personnel who know how to use it safely.

Smart Worksite Cameras

forsight jobsite cameras event alert dashboard view

EquipmentShare partners with companies like Forsight to deliver AI vision technology to the T3 platform, giving our customers the power to keep jobsites safe and secure. Use smart worksite cameras to detect when workers are not using PPE - and receive an alert in real-time. You can also create geofences around unsafe areas and receive an alert if workers or intruders enter the area. The system can even detect and alert you in the event of fire, allowing you to quickly enact safety plans.


With T3 telematics, you can help protect your workforce from fleet-related safety issues. Set a speed limit for every asset class on your jobsite, and get an alert when the speed limit is exceeded.  Track routine maintenance and ensure your fleet is regularly serviced and inspected for safety deficiencies. And when there’s an equipment issue such as high coolant temperature or low oil pressure, receive an alert and address it before a mechanical failure becomes a safety issue. 

Whether it’s helping you develop better training, identify and promote safe behaviors or prevent accidents before they happen, T3 lets you be smarter about safety. See what T3 can do for you.

Get the full capabilities of T3 on your jobsite with a tech-powered rental.

At EquipmentShare, safety is not just about our products - it’s about our people. Learn more about EquipmentShare’s People First culture.

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