January 13, 2022

Putting People First: Mayfield Tornado Recovery


Since its founding in 2015, EquipmentShare has operated as a people-first company — making sure the needs of customers and employees are met, especially following a devastating disaster. Our team never hesitates to mobilize quickly and help out when needed.

On December 10, 2021, a series of tornados developed in the Ohio Valley region and impacted five states, including Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky. The hardest hit by an EF-4 tornado was the area around Mayfield, Kentucky, which was left with millions of dollars of damage and worse— dozens of lives lost. 

The EquipmentShare disaster response team activated immediately following the storms to help the area residents recover from the unusually late in the year tornado, right before the Christmas holiday. Equipment from the Benton and Mayfield, Kentucky rental yards were deployed to assist with rescue and cleanup, and team members from neighboring cities and states began coordinating relief efforts.

  • Employees and community members including the Dream Center of Moberly, Mo., gathered food, water and supplies to send in Disaster Response Trucks and other caravans.
  • In partnership with Healing Projects and Mayfield Public Schools, who provided the parking lot for our trucks, our teams prepared and distributed more than 1,500 meals to survivors, first responders and volunteers.
  • EquipmentShare’s Mayfield and Benton locations acted quickly to deliver generators to power local child care centers until the electricity was restored.
  • For the past four weeks, team members volunteered to help with humanitarian efforts which included driving to subdivisions and neighborhoods to pass out meals and toiletries to those without transportation.
  • 14 bicycles and several other gifts were supplied to local children for the holidays.
  • Walmart gift cards were distributed to be used for gasoline and necessities.

Craig Hindelang spearheaded a significant part of EquipmentShare’s food efforts. In addition to loading up the disaster trucks, he and his team worked alongside other community organizations to set up warm meal centers throughout the relief period, feeding front line workers and families who were eager to have something that didn’t come out of a can. 

“To experience what a hug or a warm meal meant to someone who lost everything will stay with me forever,” said Craig Hindelang, EquipmentShare team member. “It was incredible to see so many people from various organizations, businesses and churches come together to help.” 

EquipmentShare team member Derek Green knew first hand how devastating a disaster can be, having lost his home to a fire in 2013. Derek felt compelled to help in the wake of the tornadoes.

“Seeing it on TV and then in person is truly an eye opening experience — I'll be able to close my eyes and see the destruction for a long time,” Derek said.  “Driving down, as I crested into downtown Mayfield, it was a gut wrenching moment that was hard to grasp. I was very thankful for the opportunity to help folks that truly needed us at that time.”

Derek Green and a volunteer from the American Red Cross

Our teams on the ground as well as volunteer employees from afar worked to make sure equipment and recovery resources were allocated where they were needed most.

Sales Support Specialist Carrie Marsh has a history of service to her community and volunteered to aid in Hurricane Katrina recovery in 2005. In Mayfield and surrounding towns, Carrie drove around handing out prepared meals to those who needed them.

“The amount of destruction was so heartbreaking and overwhelming,” Carrie said.  “Driving down, I was heartbroken, but seeing the way the communities came together for each other was so touching. The number of people from different cities and states that rushed in to be there to support those folks and to let them know they weren't alone was overwhelming. I'm so grateful to work for a company that cares and I am so grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to help even in the tiniest way.”

Quick action, great volunteers and putting people first means we can make a real difference in the face of disaster and in the lives of others. Thank you to our team members for being the very best of what EquipmentShare represents!

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