February 27, 2024

Q&A With Angela Page

headshot of Angela Page

Angela Page is a long-timer at EquipmentShare, having started with the company nearly from the beginning. She currently serves as director of product management and is passionate about her role and recruiting more women into the world of product management and development.

In her role, Angela is responsible for  overseeing the development and success of EquipmentShare's  products. She works closely with teams throughout EquipmentShare to ensure that product development aligns with business strategy and meets customer needs.

Angela, tell me why you love your job at EquipmentShare?

“I love the intersection of construction and technology at EquipmentShare — which is wild because I don’t have a background in either of those things. I stumbled upon both industries. They are both male-dominated industries, and it is cool to be a new and different voice in the room. I like all the roles I get to play and having impact and ownership. It’s really great to empower people with technology.

“Product management and working with engineers and designers and highly skilled folks means figuring out how to utilize their skill sets and solve problems that have plagued this industry for decades. You learn every day on the job.”

What brought you to EquipmentShare?

“My background is not in tech at all. I worked as a social worker immediately after college. I was friends with a lot of computer science folks, and through networking I met some people involved with EquipmentShare and they wanted to start up a product org. The product was developed and really very impressive, and that’s how I joined. I’ve been here for five years now.”

Why should more women consider careers in tech, engineering or construction?

“I love the idea of breaking stereotypes, and you get to do that in this field. You can quickly develop a level of expertise because you are at this intersection of construction and tech. It’s cool to sit at the table and bring your point of view forward, and it’s important for women to be doing that. You have to have a certain level of resiliency to work in this industry, but it’s an area with tons of opportunity. Construction is behind from an innovation standpoint, and we can bring fresh eyes to the table to make major changes. This is real problem-solving, hands-on troubleshooting and building infrastructure. We can make a real impact.”

What do you say to someone without tech or construction experience but is considering working for EquipmentShare?

“Mentorship is available here and incredibly valuable. I cannot overemphasize the value of finding someone in these roles and learning from them. Get a real-word account of their experience and find out how others broke into this industry or role. There are so many ways into this field, and you can even learn about the ins and outs of a construction site from a YouTube video. Never let the fear of the unknown stop you.”

Do you want to start a career in construction, technology or engineering? Do you love to solve problems? Check out our open roles.

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