February 27, 2024

Q&A With Jonathon Blevins

photo of Jonathon Blevins

Jonathon Blevins has worked as the E-commerce manager for EquipmentShare since joining the company in 2021. EquipmentShare sells parts and equipment online, and Jonathon’s team of marketplace specialists, SEO experts and email wizards keep the shop running smoothly.

Jonathon, tell us about what you do for EquipmentShare? My department works with the parts portion of the business and the shop site, and we also work with the site that sells used machines. My team is responsible for all the e-commerce channels — digital channels that we use to sell parts and products. If you can buy it from our site, we’ve had something to do with it.

What drew you here and what do you love about working for EquipmentShare? I love so many things about working here, it’s hard to pick one thing. I heard about EquipmentShare from a former co-worker and followed him over here. I love that we are a data-first company — I love having facts and data. We are able to gather tons of data from how our customers utilize our services and use it to provide value to them through lots of different verticals and help create a streamlined, functional web experience.

But aside from the actual work, I love being a part of the HQ culture. I like having my meals provided and a gym I can use almost any time and fitness classes I can take. I really appreciate the flexibility and autonomy we are given, as well. The work-life balance is possible here. I used to hoard my vacation time because I had this mentality of, “You never know if you’ll need it for an emergency.” The problem was, I was never taking it and never going unplugged. I don’t have that worry here. When I need a break or to focus on my mental health, I can. I value that a lot.

What do you like about the construction and technology industries? I like both of them a lot. I found a lot of people don't necessarily know what data they need or want, but my skill is understanding all channels and conveying that data to the people who need it. We have people who love the big picture and people that ask questions that lead us to solve real-world problems.

Tell me about how you lead your team and foster a great culture? Everyone on my team is a channel specialist— we all have our area of expertise. We’ve got marketplace, retention, SEO and other specialists that make us a super team. When our team works hard and meets the goals we’ve been given, we have fun. We need breaks to be active, so we take pingpong breaks to get up and move. We can all get so focused on our tasks we forget to be human, so we are big on taking a team lunch and not talking about work at lunch.

Why should someone consider going into analytics or e-commerce? Do you like incremental games? I do. I love seeing numbers go up. And for people who love to watch numbers go up, e-commerce is the place for you. We have a lot of creative disciplines, but we care about data and the functional application of it. I love analytics because it’s the ability to study people in the purest form. It’s hard to get accurate analytics data from individuals directly, but we can collect anonymous data to make decisions at a macro and micro level. We answer questions like “How many times did one user come to our site?” You get to see people in their truest form, and it’s fascinating. I love it.

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