October 13, 2022

Reliable Connections: How T3 Dash Cams Are Making A Difference for IES

Reliable Connections

What good is a dash camera that doesn’t work when you need it, and causes additional costs and downtime?

IES Communications, a structured cabling company based in Tempe, Ariz., has been making reliable data connections for customers since 1984. But when it came to their old fleet dash camera solution, they didn’t have anything reliable. 

“We have a fleet of around 300 vehicles,” said Fleet Manager Jessica Freeman. “On the old service, we lost the signal often. You were almost more likely not to have the video when you needed it.”

Something had to change. So in August 2021, IES Communications began transitioning to T3 Dash Cams throughout their fleet after field testing for several months. The switch to T3 Dash Cams yielded immediate savings in time and money.

“The other cameras would wake up and begin recording for no reason in the middle of the night, and we’d walk into a truck with a dead battery and video of the wind,” said Freeman. 

“It was often – too often. It was the downtime and inconvenience of our employees that was the biggest issue. “

The cost of each battery could be as high as $185, in addition to the costs of downtime and labor.

“The T3 Dash Cams come on when we need them to. They haven’t killed a single battery,” said Freeman.

T3 Dash Cams also solved the signal problem on day one.

“Not once have we lost signal in the trucks using the T3 Dash Cams,” said Freeman. “We love the reliability.”

That reliability extends to more than just the signal.

“We’re impressed by how durable the T3 Dash Cams are. They’ve stood up to everything we’ve thrown at them,” said Freeman. “And with the old cameras, they often came unplugged and weren’t recording when we needed them to.”

Now that T3 Dash Cams are proving to be a far more reliable tool for IES, they’re using the system to further their already-strong commitment to safety.

“I really like the alerts. With the other system, you had to go digging through everything just to review footage - if you even had it. It was impossible,” said Freeman. “With T3, we’re able to scan through the alerts we want to look at, like cell phone usage and following distance alerts. I can just hit the pause button, take a screenshot of a driver on a cell phone and send it to their manager for immediate corrective action - quickly and electronically.”

“Our drivers say they really appreciate the in-cab speed notifications,” said Freeman. “And you can see in T3, after the speed alert goes off, you can watch them slow down.” 

Freeman also appreciates the strong, reliable connection between her team and the T3 team.

“Our install crew is awesome!” said Freeman. “And customer service has been wonderful. They’re always available. Call, email, text – if there’s ever a hiccup, they’re all over it. We’re extremely happy.”

T3 Dash Cams can help you protect your drivers and assets before the next incident happens. Don’t wait until you need them – get connected today

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