June 29, 2022

Rhett Bautista Perseveres Through Career Challenges to Find a Path to Success


Rhett writes a new story as an ES team member working in sales

Rhett Bautista loves the world of movies. Growing up, he dreamed of being involved in every aspect of filmmaking, especially screenwriting and acting. Originally from Utah, Rhett attended college in Los Angeles where he dove right in and found a job in the film industry. However, he quickly realized it wasn’t the role he was born to play. 

Looking to pivot, Rhett started a new career in sales as a territory account manager with EquipmentShare in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

“I was determined to figure out how to be successful,” Rhett said. “Every time I failed, I just had to get back out there and try a little bit harder, be a little bit smarter and try to learn from some veterans who would mentor me.” 

Despite the challenges of switching careers, Rhett said he found the People First environment at EquipmentShare was exactly what he was looking for.

“I left my other company because it lost its culture and identity,” Rhett said. “If you put the people first who are working hard to make the company money, they’re going to want to stay.”

One element of EquipmentShare’s People First initiative Rhett enjoys is the wellness program. Rhett has a routine of tracking his steps, which helps him reach goals that are celebrated with fun rewards like gift cards.

“For me, it’s not so much about the money,” Rhett said. “It’s the fact they care enough to actually provide us with some type of incentive to be healthy. It’s cool to see a company that cares enough to do that.”

Even though a job in sales was not in the script he’d originally written, Rhett has worked hard to become a successful territory account manager. 

“I nominated Rhett to be recognized for the work he’s been doing in his position because he really embodies what EquipmentShare is all about: Being dedicated to serving our customers,” said Vice President of Operations Nick Guthrie. 

For Rhett, being a successful territory account manager means two things:

“It’s about putting the customer’s needs first and being persistent,” said Rhett.

Rhett said the work he does at EquipmentShare means a lot to him because of his ability to form relationships with customers that don’t end when they hang up the phone. 

“It’s huge because you build a partnership — partnership is what I’m looking for. That's the customer base I’m looking for,” said Rhett. “I want long-term partnerships so that we can build a strong rapport.”

When he’s not repping EquipmentShare and closing deals, Rhett has found a way to keep his passion for film in his life by writing screenplays. He also prioritizes spending time with family. 

“I have a son with autism and I spend a ton of time with him trying to help him develop and grow to be the best he can,” Rhett said. ”My family is who I want to be with in my free time.”

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