March 28, 2022

Software Engineer Rachel Hathaway Finds the Perfect Work-Life Balance at EquipmentShare


Growing up, Senior Software Engineer Rachel Hathaway thought she wanted to be a writer. Then, she thought she wanted to be an architect. She’s glad neither worked out. 

The path to EquipmentShare and the role of a software engineer wasn’t a straight line for Rachel, but it’s ultimately where she found her calling. Women make up just 25 percent of the software engineering workforce in the United States according to Career Karma, and Rachel stands out in her field as one of the women changing the tide.

Rachel started out with an art degree and took some time to find the right fit for her interests. As she puts it, “It’s probably easier to name a place I’ve worked rather than a place I haven’t worked. I was determined to find something that I enjoyed doing,” Rachel said. “When I don’t enjoy work, that bleeds into non-work life and I didn’t want that anymore.” 

Once Rachel determined art wasn’t her calling, she dabbled in a few other areas. She became a substitute teacher while she went back to school. Rachel had always liked math and decided to try some computer science classes. Once she was back in school, she did an internship and realized she loved programming. Path found.

Rachel joined EquipmentShare in 2018 and currently works on the Fleet app within T3. “I work on the front end, what the customer sees,” Rachel said. “I enjoy looking at work I’ve done and trying to figure out if it can be made better or improved upon. It’s not good to have defects, but I like trying to fix bugs. I like trying to find the source of problems. I have fun with it. Most problems can be solved in multiple ways, which allows for some creativity and flexibility.”

Part of what keeps Rachel at EquipmentShare is the people-first, family-friendly environment. Rachel is a single mom of an eight-year-old daughter Leona, and appreciates the flexibility and people-focused atmosphere. 

“The flexibility is what drew me here. I have worked places where no one had families and I saw people feel like they were obligated to work more than 40 hours per week,” Rachel said. “I had to have Leona home from school when Covid started and never felt unsupported or made to feel guilty for being a parent - never. I never felt like I had to figure something else out for my daughter and that was amazing.”

Another benefit of working at EquipmentShare is the generous PTO and encouragement to be active and healthy each day. Rachel is a fan of riding her bike, rock climbing and being outside as much as possible. She is encouraged by her supervisor to use her paid time off and travels the country to find new adventures.

“I’ve tried to be intentional about finding a place that fits me very well since becoming an engineer,” Rachel said. “EquipmentShare and my previous employer are the only two places I’ve felt like this is where I belong. I’m lucky that I get paid well to do something I enjoy. However, pay is not what motivates me — I’d much rather work in an environment where I can travel and work with really smart, great people and not be stressed all the time.”

EquipmentShare is cultivating a people-first workplace that attracts the best and brightest, and then rewards you for your hard work. We are looking for people just like Rachel Hathaway to join our team — could that be you? Find out more about working for EquipmentShare at equipmentshare.com/careers.

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