March 9, 2022

Recovered: Bobcat Dingo Stolen From Major Indianapolis Construction Site Is Now Home

Four men posing with recovered bobcat dingo in parking lot

“Our management side was pretty ecstatic about finding it,” said Dan Hernandez, Superior Construction Superintendent. “I was told we saved at least 12 grand after insurance.”

On Tuesday, March 1, someone stole a Bobcat MT100, a ride-on skid steer or compact track loader commonly referred to as a Bobcat Dingo, from a construction site in Indianapolis. Superior Construction is revamping the I-65/I-70 North Split in downtown Indianapolis, a major construction job.

Managers with Superior Construction called Ryan Wernke, the General Manager at the EquipmentShare Indianapolis branch and reported the compact track loader stolen Wednesday around 5 p.m. Wernke said the compact track loader is a pretty small machine that would be easy to load on a trailer.

Wernke looked the compact track loader up in T3, and the geolocation software pinged earlier in the day in a neighborhood not too far from the jobsite. Charlie Brooks, an EquipmentShare Territory Account Manager, drove through the surrounding neighborhood, but couldn’t find it. Brooks and Dan Hernandez, a superintendent at Superior Construction, contacted the police and filed a report.

Our T3 tracker located the stolen asset again at 8:07 a.m. Thursday. By 8:10 a.m., Wernke sent a screenshot to Brooks who responded with a picture of the GPS on his phone indicating he was close to the compact track loader. Brooks drove through the neighborhood and found a dump trailer in front of a house with something inside of it that had been covered. One more call to the police.

T3 did the work: the compact track loader was recovered. And, the dump trailer, not an EquipmentShare asset, had been stolen from a separate jobsite… and was recovered, benefiting that owner, as well.

EquipmentShare saved Superior Construction an insurance claim, red tape, a huge hassle and lots of paperwork.

Wernke said, “They are a big customer of EquipmentShare. We’re happy we could help.”

“They just got real good service. We try to use them when we can,” said Hernandez.

“For customers who aren’t connected through T3, they are rolling the dice in these situations. T3 minimizes the liability and risk associated with such incidents. Unfortunately, theft can happen anywhere, and over time, the probability that it will happen only increases,” Wernke said.

T3 is OEM agnostic and works on all types of makes and models. It can be installed on your owned assets to enhance security on all of your job sites and improve overall visibility: Here.

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