July 29, 2022

T3 Helps Recover A Moving Target

A trackloader is recovered by law enforcement

If you ask EquipmentShare Tier II Support Technician Spencer Reynolds what he enjoys about asset recovery, he’s quick to answer.  

“It’s a rush. We love it when the bad guys lose and the good guys win, and we get the equipment back for the customer,” said Reynolds. 

Recently, another opportunity to return stolen equipment to a customer presented itself. A T3-equipped compact trackloader owned by a contractor disappeared from a jobsite north of Des Moines, Iowa. When equipment is reported missing, an entire team of EquipmentShare employees activates to recover it, including Reynolds and Security Supervisor Stephen Holmes.

“As soon as we get something, we’ll share an accurate location with the team,” said Holmes. “We get law enforcement involved as soon as possible.”

In the case of the trackloader, it quickly became clear the target was not staying in one place.

“I was checking every 5 minutes to see if the location was changing,” said Holmes. “After a few times, we saw that it was being hauled.”

The thieves loaded the trackloader onto a truck and were heading east toward Chicago on the interstate. 

“We tracked the equipment for three hours on the highway,” said Reynolds. “They pulled off the highway and onto surface streets. Then, they popped up in a parking lot 15 blocks north of the interstate.”

“I knew we had them then,” said Holmes.

The trackloader was in a gated industrial area in the heart of Chicago. 

“Chicago Police needed a customer representative to come identify the asset before moving forward,” said Holmes. “The customer was in Iowa, so they had to send them the next morning. Our security team has 24/7 coverage to monitor stolen assets, so the night crew monitored the situation until the identification could be made.”

The following morning, Chicago Police converged on the site, and a positive identification was made. The trackloader – worth $35,000 – was missing for a grand total of 20 hours.

“I spoke with our customer after the piece was recovered, and police presence was strong,” said Holmes. “According to them, other stolen assets were also recovered.”

“One great thing about T3 is that the customer can track all of this, as well,” said Reynolds.  “They can know almost everything we do.”

In this case, the trackloader was owned by the customer, and not on-rent from EquipmentShare. Because T3 technology works with all construction equipment, no matter the make or model, the customer and EquipmentShare were able to track and recover this machine.

“From my perspective, when there’s T3 involved, we’re going to get that asset back,” said Holmes.

EquipmentShare rentals come with T3, and it can also be installed on your owned assets. To find out more and enhance the security of your jobsite, click here.

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