June 24, 2022

T3 and Teamwork Help Recover Equipment Found 1,300 Miles Away


BEEVILLE, TEXAS –  “With our technology, we can say, ‘We’ve got it from here,’” said Eddie Parsons, territory account manager in Beeville, Texas.

It was just another day at work for Eddie Parsons, until a customer called him to report a missing backhoe and dozer they had rented. 

Using our T3 technology, Parsons set out to track down the two pieces of stolen equipment.

 The backhoe was pinging from a truck stop an hour away in Victoria, Texas, and the dozer was pinging in Huntley, Ill. – 1,300 miles away from its original jobsite. 

“The backhoe up in Huntley was inside of a warehouse,” Parsons said. 

Knowing it was going to take some manpower to recover these machines, Parsons notified his general manager, Joey Anguiano, and other branch employees.

“Joe immediately got in his car and drove to the Victoria truck stop,” Parsons said. 

When he arrived, Anguiano found the stolen dozer sitting on a third-party haul truck. Parsons said they discovered the driver was attempting to transport the dozer to the same Illinois warehouse where the stolen backhoe was located. 

“Being able to actively ping the dozer with that GPS tracker on a truck heading out of state, there was confidence in knowing that we were probably gonna be able to get all this equipment back,” said Parsons. 

With the help of three other branch employees, Anguiano worked with the Victoria Police Department to prove ownership of the dozer and bring it back to the branch. 

Parsons and his colleagues then had to figure out how to recover the backhoe across state lines. They contacted the Huntley Police Department. 

“Turns out the deputy in Illinois knew the owner of the building the backhoe was in,” Parsons said. 

The EquipmentShare branch in Joliet, Ill., drove up to recover the backhoe – completing the recovery mission all in a day’s work (less than seven hours!). 

“This had a fairy tale ending,” Parsons said. “Hard work met with advanced technology helped us find this equipment.”

Parsons and his colleagues helped recover nearly $300,000 worth of stolen equipment.

“Working for other vendors, I’ve been in situations like this before where equipment was taken off a jobsite and we never saw it again,” said Parsons.

Now working with the benefits of our T3 technology, Parsons said the ability to track down stolen equipment with ease allows customers to focus on their projects.

“Our customers have more to do than just rent equipment. This should be the least of their worries,” said Parsons.

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