November 21, 2022

T3 keeps Track of Construction Equipment Usage in Real Time

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T3 helps fleet managers to keep track of usage, maintenance and repairs of construction equipment

If you’re in the construction industry and you manage equipment, you know the importance of regular maintenance. Servicing equipment too often is a waste of technician time, and not servicing it often enough invites major breakdowns. If your equipment isn’t on the jobsite, it’s not helping you make money. You need an accurate picture of usage across your entire fleet to optimize your equipment and minimize downtime. 

T3, EquipmentShare's cloud-based operating system for construction, can solve that problem. Let's look at some common construction problems and how T3 could help. 

Paper logs can result in productivity losses.
Your company has a bulldozer on your main jobsite. Your service manager is tracking dozens of machines on paper and logging the hours the equipment is on-site as its service time. However, the foreman is only using the bulldozer four hours a day. The result? Your service technicians are performing routine maintenance twice as often as necessary, wasting time and creating an unnecessary backlog for other service tasks. 

Overestimating time is a problem, but underestimating can be much worse.
If time is underestimated and service is completed less often than recommended by the manufacturer, your equipment may suffer a catastrophic breakdown. 

For example, if your foreman underestimates the time the bulldozer is in use, the coolant could run low, causing the engine to overheat and seize. In this case, your company loses time and money because an avoidable problem was not addressed. Service not completed on schedule may adversely affect warranty and insurance claims. Not only is the equipment needed to complete the job down, but the job doesn’t stop. Repairs are now needed that could have been prevented. Repair times can be long when waiting for parts and cost significantly more money than replacing coolant. And in the meantime, you may be forced to rent additional equipment or subcontract the job.

Precision and people don’t always go hand in hand. 

Employees may find accounting for time cumbersome. By nature, it is a mundane task and better spent accomplishing the job. Unlike T3, people can’t account for precisely how long a piece of equipment is in use. It’s impossible to know how long an engine was idling or how long it was shut off just by looking at it. This causes potential problems with equipment missing maintenance or receiving maintenance before needed. Employees want to work on the projects they are hired for, and companies want them to get the job done.

EquipmentShare has created an award-winning solution to these challenges. T3 is a fully automated, analytical, software-based system that connects directly to all your equipment and presents data accurately in one place.

You can have peace of mind knowing all your equipment will never miss scheduled maintenance. T3 can recognize problems like low coolant, hydraulic issues and low tire pressure and send alerts to you, helping to avoid larger emergencies. Instead of a bulldozer being out of service due to a preventable problem, it can now stay on the job. Instead of being surprised by catastrophic breakdowns, you will be alerted to potential problems.

T3 identifies when scheduled maintenance needs to be performed. Your technicians will have a detailed service history when performing maintenance and working with insurance and warranty providers. Your workers will be more efficient and focused on their day-to-day tasks instead of dealing with emergencies.

When problems arise, creating service requests is as simple as opening T3 Work Orders on a connected smartphone. The location and problem will have already been identified by T3. From there, it’s as simple as assigning a technician. The software provides a snapshot of each piece of equipment, parts, where they were purchased, when they were last replaced and how long it took. It also allows the fleet manager to assign tasks as needed to ensure equipment has the best chance to stay operational. Employees can now concentrate on the work at hand and not the health of the equipment.

If you’re tired of guessing when your equipment needs maintenance, or if you have a large fleet of equipment that is difficult to manage, T3 can make a tangible, measurable difference in your day-to-day operations. Rent T3-equipped machines from EquipmentShare – or have T3 installed on your own equipment. Are you ready to try T3?

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