October 18, 2021

Using T3 to Boost Construction Equipment Security

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Construction equipment isn’t cheap, which makes it a popular target for theft. The best way to keep your assets secure is to know exactly where they are and how they’re being used at all times. Without powerful fleet management technology in your corner, this is virtually impossible to accomplish.

T3, the operating system for construction, doesn’t just help reduce your risk of theft. It can also help you prevent accidents, injuries, insurance claims and fines. When you connect your entire fleet to T3, you can gain control of your assets and boost security on your jobsites.

Prevent construction equipment theft with T3

Here are a few tools in the T3 platform that can help contractors prevent theft: 

  • Use geofencing to get real-time jobsite alerts. In T3 Fleet, you can use geofencing to draw a theft-prevention border around your projects. If a machine exits the boundary, you receive an alert on your mobile phone that gives you all the details. Log into the T3 platform to track your machine’s GPS location in real time, and provide law enforcement with these details so they can quickly spring into action.

  • Control access with cloud-connected keypads. Universal keys create major security concerns on construction sites. They allow just about anyone to steal your machines or operate them when you aren’t around. We call this type of usage theft “microtheft”. Our cloud-connected keypads sync to T3 and allow you to set unique access codes for each rental asset in your fleet. Only your trained, authorized operators get an access code. Beyond preventing theft, this also helps you keep tabs on exactly who is operating your machines and ensure they are only used by your team.

  • See your sites with AI-powered cameras. Jobsite and vehicle cameras give you an added layer of security against theft.  Just seeing a camera on your jobsite can stop thieves in their tracks. And if they still do run off with your machine, you can review the footage in our T3 platform and export clips for law enforcement to review. Our jobsite cameras are powered by AI, which means they can alert you when they detect abnormal activity on your jobsites.

  • Track missing assets with GPS. T3 Fleet uses GPS technology to give you up-to-the-minute information on your fleet’s location. That means if someone pulls a trailer up to your jobsite in the middle of the night and drives off with one of your excavators, you’ll be able to contact the police, tell them exactly where it went, and recover your asset in a timely fashion to save hassle and money. 

Ready to learn more about T3? Visit equipmentshare.com/t3

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